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Who is Nathanial Radimak?(LA County DA Formally Charges Road Rage Tesla Driver, Nathanial Radimak) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Nathanial Radimak

Nathanial Radimak Wiki

             Nathanial Radimak Biography

Formal charges have been filed against Nathanial Radimak, 36, who was seen on several videos assaulting drivers in Los Angeles with a metal pipe during a fit of road rage while driving a Tesla.

Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón announced that Radimak pleaded not guilty Tuesday to four counts of assault with use of force to cause grievous bodily injury, four counts of criminal threats and one felony vandalism.


Prosecutors also revealed that the man had a prior road rage arrest where steroids were discovered in his vehicle. That pending case is out of Hollywood from January 2020, where he allegedly attacked another driver in a road rage incident. Officers found steroids and more than $30,000 in cash. He already faces one felony charge of possession for sale of a controlled substance and one misdemeanor charge of assault in that case.

“This reign of terror ends today,” Gascón said, “drivers in Los Angeles should not have to live in fear of being attacked while simply driving down the freeway.”

Incident Detail

Prosecutors say Radimak attacked two drivers in two separate incidents on January 11, 2023.

In the first incident, he was seen on video slamming on the 2 Freeway in northeast Los Angeles, jumping out of his Tesla and hitting a car behind him with a metal pole.

Then he allegedly followed a couple to his house from a mall in Pasadena and almost hit his car with his car. He got out of his car and also struck his vehicle with a metal pole.

Radimak is also accused of threatening to attack a woman at a storage facility in Atwater Village on November 9, 2022.

The road rage Tesla driver made national headlines after being linked to several vehicular attacks on Southern California freeways, including an incident that occurred in West Hollywood where a woman had a run-in with the suspect while in her car. car with her 93-year-old son. – Old mother. The meeting happened in June. He provided photos showing the suspect and a valet driver involved in a violent physical altercation.

Criminal Record

Radimak has an extensive criminal record and several run-ins with the law:

There were civil actions involving two domestic violence allegations involving the same woman in 2022.

.There is Section Charge: 11378 in 2021, which is the charge of “possession for sale of methamphetamine”.

.Charge Section: 242 is California Penal Code [CPC] §242 involves “simple vandalism”, which occurred in 2017.

.California Penal Code [CPC] §§594(a)(1)-(3) is for “hooliganism” in California, which also happened in 2017.


Dashcam footage and leads helped the CHP arrest the suspect, identified as Radimak. The CHP did not say whether Radimak was related to the other traffic incidents.

In addition to being booked on one charge of assault with a deadly weapon, Redimak also has two outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Early reports had his bond set at $5,175,000, but today a judge ruled to hold him without bond.