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The social media content a teenage Molly Russell saw in the weeks leading up to her death is highly disturbing, even for an adult, a coroner said.

🔴 Facebook has delivered over 10,000 pages of “ghastly” material from Molly Russell’s Instagram account prior to an investigation into the student’s death

– The Telegraph (@Telegraph) September 25, 2020

Death of 14-year-old Molly Russell

An analysis prior to the investigation into the death of 14-year-old Molly Russell found that the Facebook owner gave the investigation a large number of “terrible” Instagram posts.

But some of the material is already written.

The teenager, from Harrow, in North West London, viewed content related to anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide before ending her life in November 2017.

Barnet’s research will examine how algorithms used by social media giants to keep users locked up may have contributed to their deaths.

Molly’s father, Ian

Molly’s father, Ian, was sitting in the courtroom.

Since the death of his daughter, Russell has advocated for reform of social media platforms and established the Molly Rose Foundation in her memory.

In a Royal College of Psychiatrists report published in January, he said: “Among classmates, pop groups and celebrities followed by 14-year-olds, we found dark and depressing material, graphic content for self-harm, and memes that encourage suicide.

“I have no doubt that social media helped kill my daughter.”



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