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Who is Moira Smith?(NYPD Officer Moira Smith remembered 20 years later ) Wiki, Bio, Age,husband, cause of death, September 11 10/09/2021, Instagram,Facebook,Family,Death, Twitter & Quick Facts

Moira Smith

Moira Smith Wiki

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Who was Moira Smith ?

Moira Smith was the only New York policewoman to die on September 11, 2001. Twenty years after the terrorist attack, the men she helped save from her and the husband she left behind remember her heroism. An iconic photograph taken that day showed Smith helping a battered and bloody Ed Nicholls out of the World Trade Center.

She was one of the few people who made it out of the South Tower Sky Lobby alive. She grabbed me and helped me get to this area, only to sit on the sidewalk and wait for an ambulance, ”Nicholls recalled. After that photograph, Smith entered the World Trade Center to help as many people as she could. Martin Glynn met her at the Plaza Level. “She was barking instructions. “Don’t look! Don’t look! Keep moving, don’t use your cell phone. Keep moving!” She said.

How old was Moira Smith ?

She was February 14, 1963, Bay Ridge, New York, United States

NYPD Police Recount Heroic Sacrifice of His Wife on 9/11

A former NYPD cop recounted how he watched the World Trade Center collapse on September 11 as he was driving to the scene, only to later realize that his wife was inside.

Moira Smith was the only female police officer to lose her life on that fateful day. She left for work early that morning after kissing her husband Jim and her daughter Patricia, who was two at the time, goodbye. After the first plane hit one of the towers, Smith responded to the scene as quickly as possible. She was reportedly helping a woman suffering from an asthma attack on the third floor of the South Tower when she collapsed.

Jim, who was also a cop at the time, was on his way to New York when he saw the tower fall. “It was just before the downtown tunnel that I saw the first building collapse,” the retired police officer, now 60, told The Sun. “I was in the car that was crossing the bridge and I saw it. I arrived at the police station, where Moira and I worked, I asked her where she was and they told me: ‘She’s fine, she’s accounted for’. But at that point, she was already under the building. ”

Moira, 38, was martyred after being in danger as others frantically tried to escape her. Her husband, however, said that she was not supposed to be there. “On September 11, Moira was supposed to be on election time, but she changed and was working on a labor dispute demonstration,” Jim recalled. “She arrived at 5 am, she kissed the baby, kissed me and left. She was working on the demonstration when she saw the impact of the first plane. Moira called work, grabbed a couple of witnesses, and took them back to the police station to be interviewed. I think she was the first person to call that day. ”

As soon as she was alerted to the tragic news, Moira chose a handful of her colleagues and headed downtown towards the burning towers. She tried to call Jim at home, but tragically missed that call. “I was with our daughter Patricia and we were watching a video,” she said. “I was downstairs when the phone rang, apparently it was Moira trying to contact me. When I arrived, she had hung up. ”

Moira and the other officers ran towards the South Tower, which was the second to be hit by the planes and the first to collapse. “Moira was directing people, pulling them out and moving them around the lobby. If there were people with more serious injuries, she would eliminate them, “Jim said.” Someone came downstairs and said there was a woman on the third floor who had an asthma attack and needed help. Moira came over to help her and that’s when the building collapsed. ”

Jim worked for hours in the grim scene of 9/11, believing that Moira was safe somewhere. His sister, however, kept calling him to ask if he had heard from his wife, especially since Moira hadn’t called to see how little Patricia was doing.

She “was bringing supplies to Ground Zero officers. Then finally, around 3 am, a group of officers asked me if I knew where Moira was, “Jim recalled.” It was like, ‘You’ve been telling me all day that you know where she is and now you don’t know where she is. “We were checking the hospitals. We started digging. That took a long time. Friends of mine drove to help me search. There was no one in charge, no equipment or anything. They were digging by hand. It was all pieces of rock and dust. ”

Keeping her legacy alive: 9/11 officer’s daughter honors a mother she never knew

“Seeing the person that he has become is, like, the greatest joy of my life,” Jim Smith said in the shade of the playground named after his wife.

The playground in Madison Square Park was dedicated to Moira Smith in 2012. It is part of the 13th Precinct, where she used the patrol. Smith said it’s the perfect tribute.

“I enjoy coming here and watching the children play. It’s an oasis in the city, ”she said.

When Jim Smith looks at the last photo ever taken of his wife, “I see the courage on her face, the empathy for the injured man.”

Jim Smith said his late wife lives in his daughter. She is kind, smart and strong, just like her mom.

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