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Who is Mohamed Shihadeh?(Florida man is found dead 12 years after he snitched on lover’s plan to take out a hit on her husband ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Family,Death,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Mohamed Shihadeh

Mohamed Shihadeh Wiki

                                     Mohamed Shihadeh Biography

Who is Mohamed Shihadeh ?

The former lover and later informant against a Florida woman convicted of attempting to hire an undercover officer to kill her newlywed husband died while on probation due to an unrelated stalking case.

Mohamed Shihadeh, 40, Dalia Dippolito’s ex-boyfriend, was found dead in her Sebring, Florida apartment on Oct. 24, according to a police report.

His brother found out after family members had been unable to communicate with him for two days. The police have not reported the cause of death and the results of an autopsy are pending.


Dippolito, 37, made national news in 2009 when his arrest was featured on the Cops television show.

She was found guilty during her third trial in 2017 for requesting first degree murder and sentenced to 16 years in prison for trying to catch her husband, Michael Dippolito, after just six months of marriage.

A previous conviction had been rejected on appeal and her second trial ended with a hung jury.

The investigation against Dippolito began after Shihadeh went to the Boynton Beach police and she told detectives that the woman wanted to hire a hit man to kill her husband.

The police had an undercover officer pretend to be a hit man and meet with Dalia Dippolito. A 23-minute video shows Dippolito telling the undercover officer that she was ‘5,000 percent sure’ that she wanted her husband killed and she agreed to pay $ 7,000 for the hit.

Her lawyers also argued at one point that Dippolito was acting during her meeting with the undercover officer in hopes of starring in a reality TV show with her husband.

Court records reveal that in June 2019, Shihadeh was charged with stalking and threatening his ex-wife. He later pleaded guilty and was sentenced to less than a year in jail, followed by probation.

In September last year, Shihadeh pleaded guilty to violating a domestic violence court order by calling his ex-wife from jail.

Last August, an arrest warrant was issued accusing Shihadeh of violating the conditions of his probation by using cocaine and drinking alcohol, according to an affidavit.

A judge eventually agreed to reinstate Shihadeh’s probation on the condition that he enter and successfully complete a drug rehab program.

Shihadeh played a pivotal role in Dippolito’s case, having appeared in undercover videos that have been viewed by millions on Cops, ABC’s 20/20 and online since the department made them public in 2009.

In one, Dippolito, a former bodyguard, demanded that Shihadeh find him a hitman, give him a deposit of $ 1,200 for his problem, and buy the killer a gun.


Dippolito was infamously filmed meeting undercover detective Widy Jean, playing a hit man. She said she was “5,000 percent certain” that she wanted her husband dead from hers and promised to pay him $ 7,000.

The police set up a fake crime scene and told Dippolito that her husband was dead.

In 2017, Dippolito was found guilty of solicitation of murder in the first degree and sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Prosecutors believe she wanted control of the couple’s single-family home and her husband’s savings.

The case gained national attention when the Boynton Beach police video of the investigation went viral on the internet and appeared on the television shows Cops and 20/20.

Dalia’s defense attorney said she was leading a bible study group

Boynton Beach’s cooperation with law enforcement had been a key part of the defense, as Dippolito’s attorneys argued that detectives manipulated her and her investigation into playing with the cameras.

Michael Dippolito, a convicted con artist, testified that his wife’s actions ruined his life. He said his unfounded claims of spousal abuse as the reason for her actions still haunt him. He said that when he was arrested for stock fraud, he pleaded guilty and accepted his prison sentence and she should have done the same.

In an interview with 20/20 last year, Dalia’s defense attorney said that she was leading a Bible study group in prison and trying to maintain a relationship with her young son.

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Mohamed Shihadeh Quick and Facts

  • Mohamed Shihadeh, 40, ex-boyfriend of Dalia Dippolito, was found dead in his Sebring, Florida, apartment on October 24 
  • Police have not revealed cause of death; results of Shihadeh’s autopsy are pending 
  • Shihadeh acted as informant against Dippolito, ultimately resulting in her 2017 conviction on charge of soliciting first-degree murder
  • After three trials, Dippolito was found guilty of trying to hire undercover cop to kill her newlywed husband, Michael Dippolito 
  • Dalia was caught on video telling bogus hitman she was ‘5,000 per cent sure’ she wanted her husband dead
  • At the time of his death, Shihadeh was on probation stemming from a stalking conviction  

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