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Breaking: Michelle Troconis Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Michelle Troconis

Michelle Troconis Wiki

                                                    Michelle Troconis Biography

New images have emerged showing police interrogating Fotis Dulos’ then-girlfriend Michelle Troconis days after his wife Jennifer Dulos disappeared nearly two years ago.

Troconis faces charges of conspiracy to commit murder, tampering with evidence and obstructing prosecution in connection with the disappearance of Jennifer, a 50-year-old mother of five who disappeared in New Canaan, Connecticut on May 24, 2019.

A 48-hour special airing Saturday night looks at Troconis’ role in the case, questioning whether she knows where Jennifer’s body is hidden as police continue to search for him 21 months later.

An episode preview features a series of clips from Troconis’ interviews with the police.

Earlier, Detective John Kimball shows Troconis photos of blood evidence and asks whose blood it is, to which she says: ‘Jennifer’s’

Video from an interrogation session on August 13, 2019 shows Troconis with photos of a red truck belonging to former Fotis Dulos employee Pawel Gumienny, which the suspect allegedly used to drive to New Canaan to kill his wife.

“Have you heard of something called Luminol?” Detective John Kimball asks Troconis. “Luminol is something we use to look for evidence, to see if there was blood anywhere. When the blood hits, it lights up. ‘

He points to a photo in front of Troconis, which is not seen on camera.

Is that blood? she asks.

“And who do you belong to?” the detective asks Troconis, to which she replies, “From Jennifer.”

Her 36-year-old son is charged with murder a year after his father left …

Alabama Cancels Execution After US Supreme Court Rules …

Later in the questioning, the detective pressures Troconis to stop protecting Dulos and present information, telling him, as he points to the photos of blood evidence, ‘that’s sick shit.’

Troconis responds emphatically: ‘I am not protecting him. I’m not protecting him … I really don’t want to see him again in my life. ‘

Other video clips that were previously posted by 48 Hours in the lead-up to the broadcast show Troconis telling police: ‘I have no idea what happened to Jennifer. I have no idea where Jennifer is.

When Kimball tells him that they think she’s hiding information, Troconis replies, ‘I don’t have it, John, but I can walk all over the world with you if you want. I can do whatever you want, but I didn’t. ‘

Troconis is facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder, evidence tampering and hindering prosecution in connection with Jennifer’s disappearance. Prosecutors believe Troconis helped her boyfriend, Fotis Dulos dispose of his wife’s body

Police believe Jennifer’s husband Fotis, with whom she was embroiled in a bitter divorce and custody battle, attacked her in the garage of their rented house in New Canaan before he allegedly disposed of her body with the help of Troconis.

While police have yet to find Jennifer’s remains, they did discover pools of blood in her garage that someone had tried to clean up and clean. They also found traces of her blood on her car, which was later found abandoned in a parking lot.

Fotis denied any involvement in Jennifer’s disappearance until she committed suicide in January 2020 while awaiting trial on murder charges.

Her 36-year-old son is charged with murder a year after her father left …

Alabama Cancels Execution After US Supreme Court Rules …

Troconis was implicated in the case after police said surveillance video hours after Jennifer’s disappearance showed her and Fotis dropping trash bags at various locations in Connecticut that were later found to contain traces of blood. of the mother.

Detectives also found traces of Jennifer’s blood on her car and in another vehicle Fotis had borrowed from a friend the same day she disappeared.

Troconis initially gave her boyfriend an alibi and said they had been together all morning.

She later changed her story in a second interview with police and, according to the arrest affidavits, said that he had given her an “alibi script.”

Jennifer and Fotis were embroiled in a bitter divorce and legal battle over the custody of their children  at the time of her disappearance

Troconis pleaded not guilty in February of last year and has maintained that he had nothing to do with Jennifer’s disappearance or death.

Her sisters, Claudia and Daniela Troconis, defended her in the next 48-hour episode, her first major interview since the case began.

“This has destroyed our life because my sister is not the person they say [that she is her],” Claudia told host Erin Moriarty.

“She would never be capable of anything they said she did.”

When asked if they think Troconis knows where Jennifer’s body is, Daniela said: ‘Absolutely not. My sister is innocent. ‘

Troconis broke her silence on her case for the first time in a statement last year, in which she denounced the cruel things that people have said about her and expressed her frustration at not being able to tell her version. of her deeds.

“Whether or not Fotis Dulos was capable of doing the things that the police and prosecutors accused him of, I don’t know,” she said.

“But based on what I have learned last year, I think it was a mistake to have trusted him.”



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