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Breaking: Michael Foy Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Michael Foy Wiki

                Michael Foy Biography

Michael Foy Wixom’s man hit law enforcement at least 10 times with a hockey stick before “mobilizing” others to climb through broken windows onto the US Capitol during the January 6 insurrection, they allege. federal prosecutors.

A YouTube video and police body camera footage shown at a federal court hearing Monday captured the moment a man authorities believe to be Michael Foy attacked police guarding a Capitol entrance. with a hockey stick bearing a Trump flag earlier that day.

The images, taken around 2 p.m. On January 6, it included the point of view of an officer who was dragged through the crowd and assaulted while lying on the ground.

Michael Foy Age

Michael Foy is 30 years old.

Charged and arrested

“Foy’s actions on January 6 were among the most violent of all participants,” prosecutors say in a 15-page detention memorandum arguing for Foy to be detained while awaiting trial. “Foy is both a danger to the community and a risk of non-appearance.”

During a hearing Monday, a federal magistrate ordered Foy, who served 5 years in the Marine Corps and is combat trained, to remain behind bars after prosecutors showed images of his violent attack to the court. Foy’s court-appointed attorney argued that his client had a difficult time adjusting to civil life after he was discharged.

In the arrest memorandum, prosecutors claim that moments after Foy threw the pole at officers trying to defend the Capitol from thousands of MAGA supporters, the rioters rushed the officers and threw one to the ground.

“The scene is chaotic, graphic and brutal. The rioters threw projectiles at the officers and physically assaulted them, often using weapons such as poles, bottles and, in Foy’s case, a hockey stick, ”the arrest memorandum reads. â € œSeveral officers were dragged into the crowd, stripped of their protective gear and beaten. Other rioters used crowbars and other tools to smash down the Capitol windows so rioters could enter.

Prosecutors say Foy took the opportunity to attack police, “immediately running towards the officers with his hockey stick raised.” The memo adds that videos of the insurrection show the former Marine “violently assaulting Capitol police officers,” including [an] officer on the ground, unable to fully protect himself. ”

Prosecutors also raised concerns about Foy’s alleged substance abuse, noting that the 30-year-old reported drinking “ten beers a day, as recently as Jan. 20, the day before he was arrested.”

Foy has access to two long guns in his house. His mother, who offered to be his “third party custodian” if he was released, also has about 10 firearms in his home, but she said she would take them away, prosecutors said.

“Michael Foy represents a proven danger to the community and to himself if he is released on bail. He broke into the Capitol and assaulted the police officers. His behavior was more than violent, it was reckless. The severity of his behavior, coupled with his current mental health problems, make Foy a danger to the community and himself, ”the memo reads.


Video captured from inside the mob shows Foy “hit (and appears to have hit officers with) his hockey stick no less than 10 times.” The assault was captured in New York Times video and in body camera footage of one of the officers on the ground being hit by Foy’s hockey stick, prosecutors say.

After Foy repeatedly struck officers “in the face, head, neck, and body area,” he assumed “a leading role in the chaos” and encouraged the crowd to enter the Capitol through the broken windows, notes the memo. . Foy crawled through a broken window onto the Capitol with his hockey stick in hand.

Foy’s actions were some of the most aggressive and violent in the riot on January 6. Far from being a mere participant, Foy took on a leadership role: he personally attacked officers and appears to have led others to the Capitol, ”the memo reads.

The memo notes that Foy’s conduct has only “escalated” since he participated in a Nov. 6 protest at TCF.

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