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Who was Mayka Kukucova?(Sister of British millionaire who was shot dead by his swimwear model)Wiki, Bio, Age, Death,Arrested, Investigations and More Facts

Mayka Kukucova

Mayka Kukucova Wiki

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Who was Mayka Kukucova?

Mayka Kukucova sparked outrage by posting selfies on Instagram of herself topping off her tan in skimpy bikinis after serving just over half of her murder sentence behind bars.

The 32-year-old Slovakian blonde, convicted of killing Bristol-based jeweler Andrew Bush at his Costa del Sol holiday home in front of her new Russian partner, seems to want to show the world on social media that she’s enjoying her new -found freedom with his provocative posts.

Last night, Bush’s grieving sister, Rachel, said she was more certain than ever that Kukucova had no remorse when she criticized the decision to release her.

The 49-year-old, who gave evidence at Kukucova’s murder trial in Malaga two years after the April 5, 2014 shooting, said: “She continues as usual, without remorse.”

“I understand that she’s on probation and her sentence hasn’t expired yet, but it’s absolutely ridiculous to think that someone could do what she did and be out on the streets so quickly.”

“I was shocked to see the photos and find out that she was out of jail. I had no idea and I found out from the newspapers. She is totally insane.

“She always tried to pretend that she was innocent and that she didn’t do what she was convicted of and she claims that Andy killed himself during a fight, which is nonsense as we all know.”

She believes her own lies, she always has.


What she committed was cold-blooded murder. She shot Andy when he was falling or on the ground. She didn’t accidentally kill him, she killed him on purpose and she is allowed to go free. She is unacceptable.

Kukucova was initially sentenced to 15 years in prison for breaking into Bush’s house between Marbella and Estepona and shooting the 48-year-old businessman to death with a .38 revolver after he arrived to break up with his new love Maria Korotaeva.

She had been stalking the couple for two days and shot Mr. Bush twice in the head and once in the shoulder.


She fled in her Hummer and managed to return to her homeland with an ex-boyfriend before being arrested weeks later and extradited to Spain.

Jurors at her May 2016 murder trial heard that she had slept in her ex’s bed for two nights after flying to Malaga from her homeland on a one-way ticket and was in her pajamas when her victim and her glamorous 23-year-old bride arrived at his rented £2,500-a-month villa.

They ruled that Kukucova had placed the murder weapon in Bush’s hand after she shot him three times to make it appear that she had committed suicide.

The trial judge accepted that she had acted in a “passionate state of mind” when he sentenced her.


Kukucova had nearly two years in prison shaved in January 2017 when appellate judges ruled she was acquitted of breaking into Bush’s vacation home six months after their split and were taking into account a quasi-confession they said was lacking. of “total truth” because she claimed that she killed her ex in self-defense when he attacked her.

At the time it was reported, his lawyers were expected to file a new appeal with the Spanish Supreme Court. It was not immediately clear last night whether he had succeeded in shortening his already reduced sentence of 13 years and nine months.

The time he spent in custody after the April 2014 murder was taken into account in determining when he became eligible for parole.

Spanish authorities have yet to confirm when he began to benefit from temporary releases, although it is believed that he may have been allowed out of jail for short periods that later lasted for more than a year.

Since his release, he has posted cheeky snaps on social media and has also reportedly joined his Slovakian parents, Danka and Lubomir, on the Spanish resort island of Mallorca, where he posted a photo two weeks ago of the three of them enjoying a meal in a restaurant in a shopping mall.

Bush’s sister, who last year said she wished Kukucova had been tried in an American state where taking her own life can mean capital punishment, fumed: “I understand she has been paroled but has to stay on the ground.” Spanish”.

‘It’s all a huge shock for me. I didn’t know this could happen. I thought maybe its release date would be at least another five years from now and that’s something you try to prepare for.

“To be told out of the blue that she is out and that she has been out for a while and seeing all the pictures and photos that she has posted has left me sick. She is no different than she was before.

‘Compensation hasn’t even come to my mind. It’s not about money. But I don’t want her life to be easy, and I think she’s had it easy.

“I heard that she was in a prison with a swimming pool and now she is living life.

She can’t live on fresh air and I wonder where she gets her money from it. I know for a fact that her family has no money.

She added: ‘My fear is that now he tries to start making money off all this and sells a story to newspapers. I just hope no one thinks of that. It would be repulsive and completely wrong.

I don’t want her to take more from me and my family than she has already done.

‘I’d like to see her behind bars still, but no matter where she is, she doesn’t bring Andy back.

‘She has done that. She has taken his life and he is not coming back and that is the saddest thing of all.

Kukucova’s most recent Facebook selfie shows her posing in bright pink lipstick at a beauty spot with a clifftop balcony overlooking the cliffs and a beach in Nerja, near Malaga.

Other photos of her on her Instagram account, which has since been deleted, showed her in a car with a friend and posing next to an airport departure information board.

Several images of her showed her with a scarf around her wrist, leading to speculation that she may have placed an electronic tag on it to monitor her movements after her release from prison.

Kukucova is believed to have served most of her prison sentence in a Spanish prison that Slovakian media described as “more of a resort than a jail”.

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