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Who was Mayenggo3?TikTok Wiki, Bio, Age, Video Goes Viral and Many More Facts You Need to Know,Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts


Mayenggo3 Wiki

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Who was Mayenggo3?

The TikTok video titled “The Severed Girl’s Head” goes viral and receives backlash from people on social media platforms. Some people call it the “bathroom girl video.” According to social media users who viewed the video, TikTok user Mayenggo3 originally shared the video, but not much is known about the people in the video or the original user who shared it.

Heavy got some clues from translating the video.

Some people on social media who saw the video claim that it showed a poster executing a girl in the bathroom or shower, but the killers make no reference to the posters in the video. The page where the video was originally posted was set to private; she has only a few followers and a black ribbon on the profile.

Twitter users shared warnings about a video showing a girl dancing before two men cut off a person’s head. The video starts out as a dance video and then suddenly moves on to the long, bloody scene in the bathroom. Several men are involved in the beheading of the person in the video and they speak Spanish. It is not clear if the girl shown dancing is the same as the girl whose head was cut off, or even a woman; her clothes are different. The headless person wears patterned shorts and a blue shirt, and the dancer wears a short black tank top and white shorts. A site called PsychoDuck.net has maintained the entire video.

Juan D. Sánchez, a fluent Spanish speaker from Heavy, translated the conversation in the video as the two men spoke Spanish while beheading what is believed to be a woman or girl on social media. He said it was possible that the victim was actually a man because the killers referred to the victim as “fucking”, a word used to refer to men (whore would be a woman).

Contrary to reports on social media, he said the men were not referring to a poster. They said, “That’s what’s going to happen to all the fuckin bastards. Like this whore from Rascal.”


He said that his accents showed that they were Mexican. Our translator told us: “Pillo is a common nickname for someone named Guadalupe, Lupe or Lupillo. The accents and the way they emphasize certain words make me believe that they are from the Guanajuato or Jalisco region ”. Guanajuato is a state and a city in central Mexico. In 2020, the Los Angeles Times reported that the drug cartel wars had made Guanajuato one of the “deadliest states” in Mexico. Jalisco is a Mexican state also torn by cartel violence.


The video is excerpted from the scene in which the dancer or woman shows a man with gloved hands slowly and systematically cutting off the victim’s head with a knife in what appears to be a bathroom. “If you see this video on TikTok or something like that, don’t click on it anyway. This is a video of a dancer and her head is cut off in the video, so please don’t watch this video. safe ”, warned a Twitter user.

The video appears to have been removed from TikTok, but conversations about it are still continuing on Twitter.

A Twitter response to the video read: “I just saw a video of a beheaded little girl, it’s so gross I’m going to throw up. For God’s sake, don’t look at it. I’m traumatized.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Holy, I heard a tiktok video where a girl’s head was taken off”

Another said: “I’m on my phone. Open Twitter. Find out that the girl from Tiktok was beheaded. Is humanity so cruel?

A video on YouTube says that Mayenggo3 is the name behind the video of the beheading. The narrator of the video says that the young woman danced, but it only lasted a few seconds. Then a “brutal death” is shown. A man was seen “slitting the throat of a girl tied with a rope in a room in an unknown location.”


“It’s very scary to see,” said the narrator.

People are demanding investigations because it is not clear who the girl or boy is or even if the video is real. One Twitter user wrote: “There is a video showing the girl being beheaded in the bathroom … people said it started with a girl dancing and then showing a girl being beheaded in the bathroom …”

One site claims that the men in the video swore allegiance to a Mexican cartel before beheading the girl, but our translation shows that they are not referring to the cartels.

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