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Who is Mauris DeSilva?(Texas cop charged with killing black man is charged with SECOND murder after shooting dead Asian Navy vet ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Suspect,Crime,Family,Charged, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Mauris DeSilva

Mauris DeSilva Wiki

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Who was Mauris DeSilva ?

An Austin police officer already facing murder charges for the April 2020 death of a black and Hispanic man now faces additional murder charges for the murder of an Asian man nine months earlier.

Christopher Taylor, 29, and Karl Krycia, 28, were charged Friday with first-degree murder and one third-degree felony count of deadly conduct in the fatal shooting of Navy veteran Mauris DeSilva, of 46 years old, who allegedly suffered from mental health problems. crisis when he was assassinated.

Bail was set at $ 100,000 each, and both agents are free on their own and on leave, according to the Associated Press.

The charges come five months after Taylor was charged with gunning down 42-year-old Michael Ramos in front of an Austin apartment complex on April 24, 2020. The death sparked widespread protests against police brutality in the city. town, almost a month before George Floyd’s death. .

“ The fact that Officer Taylor was involved in two shootings in less than a year and killed two people, I just couldn’t believe he was back on the street and doing that, ” Brad Vinson, an attorney, told FOX 7 of the DeSilva family. after the death of Ramos.

How old was Mauris DeSilva ?

He was 46 year old.

Charged with Murder

Austin police officers Christopher Taylor and Karl Krycia were charged Friday with first-degree murder and a third-degree felony misdemeanor in the fatal shooting of Navy vet Mauris DeSilva of 46 years. The indictment came five months after Taylor had been charged with fatally shooting Michael Ramos outside an Austin apartment complex.

DeSilva  was reportedly suffering from a mental health crisis when the two officers shot and killed him on July 31, 2019

DeSilva, who grew up in Sri Lanka, reportedly had severe mental illness and had been holding a knife to her neck and banging loudly on emergency exit doors when people at her condo complex called 911 on July 31, 2019. .

A lawsuit filed by her father, Denzil DeSilva, claims Taylor and Krycia knew he was experiencing a mental health crisis, but still responded “as if this were the scene of a violent crime,” according to the New York Times. .

Taylor’s attorneys, however, argue that he was protecting himself after DeSilva refused to drop the knife and got within three to four feet of the officer.

“What happened was undeniably tragic, particularly if it is true that the man was experiencing a psychiatric episode, but it was by no means this murder,” his attorneys, Ken Ervin and Doug O’Connell, said in a statement.

They accused Travis County District Attorney José Garza of refusing to allow an expert on the use of force to testify before the grand jury, claiming that he is “waging a war against police officers.”

“So far we have refrained from accusing District Attorney José Garza of waging a war against police officers,” they wrote. “After the two new murder charges today, we don’t know how else to characterize what he is doing.”

Garza’s office responded by saying that since January, 12 officers whose possible criminal conduct had been reviewed by a grand jury did not end up facing charges.

Jason English, an attorney for Krycia, said in a statement to the Times: “While we regret every time a life is lost, we believe the actions were reasonable on the facts and justified under the law.”

Krycia has been placed on paid administrative leave, while Taylor remains on unpaid leave as Ramos’ case goes to court.

“APD respects the role of the grand jury in the criminal justice process, and we will continue to cooperate with the District Attorney in this case,” Police Chief Joseph Chacon said in a statement.


“To protect the integrity of the criminal process in this matter, APD has delayed reaching any conclusion in its administrative review of the agents’ actions.”

The two officers were previously named Employees of the Week for the arrest of a suspect who stabbed him in March 2019, just months before DeSilva’s death.

Denzil’s lawyers said the charges against the police would help him recover.

“Due to the excessive force of Austin Police Department officers, Denzil lost a beloved son and the world lost a talented scientist and researcher,” they said.

DeSilva grew up in Sri Lanka and earned his Ph.D. in chemical and biomedical engineering from the University of Minnesota, according to his obituary.

He completed his graduate studies at Bascom Palmer Eye Hospital in Florida and later joined the Naval Base in Great Lakes, Chicago.

He was posted to the Navy’s medical research unit in San Antonio and worked as a scientist until the time of his death, forming his own company 3D Printing and Advanced Robotics Solutions to create new medical technology using nanotechnology.

Eventually the business expanded all over the world.

DeSilva previously grabbed a knife and threatened to harm himself in February 2015

But over time, his father said, he began to suffer from an “increasingly serious mental illness,” which Denzil said was known to the police.

“The city of Austin has a long history of underfunding for mental health officers in the police department,” Denzil’s attorneys told KUT. “The failure of the city to establish an adequate response to mental health crises directly contributed to the death of Dr. DeSilva.”

According to his lawsuit, DeSilva previously grabbed a knife and threatened to harm himself in February 2015, when police responded and took him to a hospital.

By May 2019, the lawsuit says, it required the intervention of an emotionally disturbed person by the Austin Police Department, and on July 7, 2019, just weeks before his death, DeSilva was placed in emergency detention. .

On the day he was killed, the lawsuit claims, a neighbor informed police that he was “having another mental episode.”

The police department had a mental health officer on duty at the time, according to the lawsuit, but Taylor and Krycia, along with two other officers, responded to the scene.

They spoke with construction workers, reviewed safety footage, and reportedly knew that DeSilva was experiencing a mental health crisis when they took the elevator to the fifth floor with a construction worker and found him with his back to them, looking in a mirror with a knife in his back. neck.

Taylor and Krycia reportedly yelled at DeSilva to put him down, which he did, then yelled, ‘Hi, man’ at DeSilva, prompting him to take a step in his direction.

At that point, another officer at the scene fired a Taser pistol at DeSilva and Taylor and Krycia simultaneously fired their weapons, striking DeSilva in the chest.

He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The racial justice group Austin Justice Coalition argued that Taylor should have taken more time to alleviate the situation.

“This case has waited too long for justice to be served,” said Sukyi McMahon, the group’s senior policy director. ‘Dr. DeSilva was murdered more than two years ago and the case languished until Garza began taking police cases to the grand jury.

Family Detail

A few months later, on April 24, 2020, Taylor went to the parking lot of an apartment complex after a 911 call claimed that Ramos was sitting in a car with drugs and holding a gun while a woman sat next to him.

Dashcam footage released by the Austin Police Department last year showed officers responding to the scene, repeatedly asking Ramos to get out of his car and raise his arms, which he did.

The officers then told him to lift his shirt and turn around, and Ramos once again obeyed, asking at one point ‘What’s going on?’ And yelling ‘I don’t have a gun, dog’.

Then one of the officers shot Ramos with a bean bag and hit him in the thigh.

Later, Ramos returned to his car and left when officers asked him not to leave it.

Taylor then fired three rounds at Ramos’s car and hit him.

Emergency medical services workers took him to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Shortly after, the Austin Police Department confirmed that he did not have a weapon at the time he was shot and killed.

Vinson, the DeSilva family’s attorney, said Taylor should not have been in the force at the time, as two days before Ramos was killed, he had requested evidence from the day DeSilva was killed, but was denied because the Austin Police Department said they were. still investigating the case.

“Nobody can sit on it,” Vinson said. “ I mean, how can you say that the investigation is still pending when the principal officer involved is back on the street with a gun in his hand shooting and killing Mike Ramos? ”

Taylor’s attorney, Ken Ervin, said Taylor plans to plead not guilty in Ramos’ death.

Mauris DeSilva Quicks and Facts

  • Austin Police Officers Christopher Taylor and Karl Krycia were charged Friday with murder and deadly conduct in the fatal shooting of a black Navy vet
  • Mauris DeSilva, 46, was reportedly suffering from a mental health crisis on July 31, 2019 when he was holding a knife in his condominium complex
  • His father, Denzil, claims the Austin Police Department knew his son was suffering from mental health issues
  • He claimed the department failed to send a mental health officer to the scene and instead sent Officers Taylor and Krycia
  • Both the officers shot him simultaneously in the chest and DeSilva was pronounced dead at a local hospital
  • A few months later, Officer Taylor reportedly shot another black man, Michael Ramos, 42, outside an apartment complex 
  • Taylor was previously charged with Ramos’s murder too  

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