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Breaking: Matthew Stafford Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Matthew Stafford Wiki Bio


The Detroit Lions have a quarterback in Matthew Stafford who is passionate about social issues, and Stafford has discovered his soul in a big way when it comes to his feelings.

Stafford wrote a new article for The Players Tribune and, inside, explains why these topics are so important to him while telling some amazing stories that amplify the discussion. As Stafford said in the article, his understanding of these issues has broadened in recent years and widened a lot this offseason, thanks not just to some of the issues that are happening, but his own personal experience.

As Stafford wrote, he was working on practicing this offseason with Danny Amendola at a field where he was licensed in Georgia. The next day some of his black teammates showed up and were working when they told the group to leave or they would call the police. Stafford’s conclusion? There was a change of mind once they did not see people who they considered safe working in the field.

Stafford admitted that his upbringing was different from that of his teammates, but he has been opening his mind and heart to these issues after supporting those who support him, and he wishes the country could see things the same way.

Most people wish that to be the case, and the actions of Stafford and his teammates could be the thing that helps change minds and hearts in the end. Stafford is clearly making sure to do everything he can to get America to think as a team on this matter.

Teammates Loved Matthew Stafford’s Kneel statement

Stafford, along with many of his Detroit Lions teammates, got down on one knee before the first game of Week 1 on Sunday. It was a bold statement from the quarterback in line with many of his others from the offseason, and it caught the attention of his teammates, specifically safety Will Harris.

As Harris put it, it only brought Stafford closer to the team to see him continue to share his emotions in a meaningful way.

Lions S Will Harris on Matthew Stafford kneeling for the anthem with some of his teammates last week: “That’s my quarterback. That’s my man.”

– Dave Birkett (@davebirkett) September 16, 2020

Harris expanded on that thought in his media interview:

“We’ve had endless talks and really meaningful conversations, not just now, but also when we returned as a team to Zoom. We have kept the conversation alive. We’ve been reiterating that every time someone feels something, take it off their chest. You can feel the support and feel the buzz rushing through the hallways. Seeing that, that’s the physical side of seeing your emotions towards the rest of your teammates. Obviously, you can tell that he really cares. We stand behind each other and support each other, especially in difficult times like this. So it was great. ”

The team has seemed more unified than ever on all fronts heading into the 2020 season and that’s the good news. To get over something like last week’s loss, the Lions will need every inch of those good feelings for each other, as well as positivity.

It’s just another way Stafford is moving forward and leading in 2020.

Matthew Stafford age?

32 years
February 7, 1988
Image result for matthew stafford age
At this very moment, Matthew Stafford is 32 years old. That’s still pretty young when you factor in the ages of many of the league’s current starters. June 1, 2020.

Matthew Stafford Revealed Georgia Donation

Stafford and his wife Kelly have pledged $ 350,000 to the University of Georgia to help launch a social justice program for student athletes at the school. They were joined by Georgia head coach Kirby Smart and his wife, Mary Beth, who donated $ 150,000. Together, the amount reaches $ 500,000.

Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly, along with Georgia HC Kirby Smart and his wife Mary Beth, have donated $ 500k to a social justice program that supports UGA student athletes. Both the Staffords and the Smarts were student athletes in Georgia. pic.twitter.com/8xTAvr2nnQ

– Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) August 14, 2020

While full details on what the donations will fund at this time have not been disclosed, the statement says the donation will assist student athletes, coaches and staff in the areas of diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice in the University. More details will be revealed at a later date regarding the actual plan.

It is clear that the Stafford family wanted to be involved to help with the affairs of their alma mater, and with this donation, it has been achieved in a big way. It will be exciting to see how the Stafford donation helps in the future.

Kelly Stafford Apologized to Colin Kaepernick

Stafford, in the immediate aftermath of a major donation along with Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, took the time to explain his thinking on Instagram and, as he said, he had a lot to ponder and learn in recent years as things . They have played.

This is what Stafford wrote in his post:

“This is something Matthew and I have been thinking and talking about for several months.

When Kaepernick got down on one knee during the national anthem, I had strong feelings about it. Even when he kept saying it had nothing to do with the flag or the army, I didn’t listen. I still didn’t listen to him or anyone else and let political rhetoric persuade me that kneeling was disrespectful to our military.

Over the past few months, I have opened my ears, mind and heart and opened my eyes to see how wrong I was and for that I am sorry.

This systematic racism will not go away unless we ALL work on it by working on ourselves and those around us. It is time for everyone to do their part to help end this system.

Matthew and I thought this was a good place to start. We are proud to be a part of this program and we will continue to fight to end this social injustice. Black Lives Matter “.

With your donation, the Stafford family is putting their money and stocks where their mouth is. It’s very comforting to watch and it’s great that someone can admit they were wrong before. Certainly that’s why the Stafford family deserves great credit.

Stafford is still on the right side of history with all of these problems.

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