Home » Who is Matthew Mire?(Veteran state trooper is shot and killed ‘by gunman, 37, in camo gear hours after he murdered his half-sister and shot three other people’: Suspect is arrested ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Family,Facebook,Shooting, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts
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Who is Matthew Mire?(Veteran state trooper is shot and killed ‘by gunman, 37, in camo gear hours after he murdered his half-sister and shot three other people’: Suspect is arrested ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Arrested,Charged,Family,Facebook,Shooting, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Matthew Mire

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Who is Matthew Mire ?

A veteran Louisiana state trooper was shot and killed Saturday, hours after the camouflage-clad killer is said to have killed his own half-sister and seriously injured her boyfriend.

Matthew Mire, 31, was arrested after the all-day manhunt on allegations that he shot five people, killed two and stole a car to embark on the rampage.

His victims have been named after his 37-year-old half-sister Pamela Adair. Louisiana State Trooper Adam Gaubert, a 19-year veteran of the force who was described in a tribute to him as a husband and father, also died.wikipedia

Adair’s partner, Joseph Schexnayder, 42, was also shot and is seriously ill in hospital. The Advocate reported that Schexnayder is Mire’s cousin.

Mire, who also goes by the name Schexnayder, was deemed “armed and dangerous” by state officials and was seen wearing camouflage gear during the massacre.

No motive has been given for his alleged crime spree, and cops say they are baffled by the bloodbath.

But Mire’s family reported that he was ‘broke’ after his girlfriend Maddy suffered a fatal overdose earlier this year, and she had yet to recover from that tragedy.


The shooting began around midnight Saturday, when the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office was called to a trailer park near LA 444 in French Settlement after Mire allegedly shot two victims.

Mire broke into the front door of the mobile home and began shooting at the man and woman who lived there.

The unidentified couple had gone to investigate the noises they heard near their home when they were injured, according to police.

The man was shot in the arm and the woman was shot in the arm and leg.

They were taken to hospital by emergency services and they are expected to recover from their injuries.

Later, Mire allegedly stole a blue 2013 Chevrolet Silverado before fleeing to another parish.

The vehicle belonged to Livingston’s son Tasha Ryan, who noticed the vehicle was missing hours after it was seized and called police.

“So, I woke up when my son called me around 7:15 to tell me that he noticed that his truck had been stolen,” Ryan told WAFB.

He was in a residence in French Settlement overnight. He woke up to take the dogs out for a walk around 7 a.m. and noticed that his truck was missing. ”

“ Just knowing that someone is capable of doing those things was a few meters from the front door of my house where my son was staying.

“I am very thankful that he found the spare keys that were in the truck, he took the truck and left.”

Mire is said to have brought the stolen vehicle to Prairieville to the home of her cousin Joseph Schexnayder, 42, and his wife Pamela Adair, 37.


The couple was reportedly shot by Mire at her home, where she found Schexnayder in the kitchen and Adler on the bedroom floor.

Schexnayder’s father, Kevin, who lives near the couple, said he thought his nephew Matthew had previously tried to break into his home when he heard pounding at his apartment at the time the shooting occurred. .

“It sounded like someone was throwing rocks at the tin roof, but it was gunshots,” Schexnayder said.

He said he discovered the bodies of his son and daughter-in-law after he allegedly saw Mire speeding out of his driveway.

Her son is said to have been “shot in the head or neck” and “had his elbow blown off.”

She added that Adair was found with gunshot wounds to the chest, stomach and arm.

Schexnayder was said to be in critical condition, but Adair had died after succumbing to his injuries.

Then a Louisiana state trooper attempted to make a traffic stop with Mire’s vehicle around 5 a.m. in East Baton Rouge Parish.

Mire then exchanged shots with the officer as he tried to shoot him before fleeing down Hoo Shoo Too Road.

The alleged shooter then ambushed veteran state trooper Adam Gaubert, who was sitting in his vehicle, where he was shot and killed by Mire.

It is unclear what prompted the shooter to target Trooper Gaubert.


“We would like to share our condolences with the family of Police Officer Adam Gaubert and the Louisiana State Police,” the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook.

“ Today we lost not just a fellow law enforcement officer, but a father, husband, and friend. ”

A search team was then formed to find Mire, and state officials issued a public warning.

Later, Mire was found and arrested on charges of murder in the first degree, attempted murder in the first degree, illegal use of weapons, burglary and illegal possession of stolen things up to $ 25,000.

The motive for these killings remains unclear as officers continue to investigate the shootings.

That is the question: what is the motive? asked Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Webre.

‘The investigation is still early. There are many moving parts. It’s a very fluid situation, and so once we have this guy in our custody, maybe we can start working on a motive. ”

“We are doing everything in our power to end this and bring justice to the families involved,” Webre said.

Matthew Mire Quick and Facts

  • Louisiana man Matthew Mire, 31, was arrested and charged after going on an alleged shooting spree that killed two people and injured three
  • Mire was reportedly ‘messed up’ after the overdose of his girlfriend a couple months before
  • He is alleged said to have killed his half-sister and a Louisiana state trooper on Saturday morning
  • Police found and arrested Mire after an all-day manhunt  
  • The motive behind the killings remain unclear as police continue investigating the incident 

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