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Breaking: Matt Meyer Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Matt Meyer

Matt Meyer Wiki

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A group known as Guerrilla Momz calls the president of the Berkeley Federation of Teachers, Matt Meyer, a hypocrite after watching his two-year-old daughter leave for face-to-face training at a private kindergarten.

The group wrote in a tweet Saturday, along with video footage of Meyer, “Meet Matt Meyer. The hideous white man and leader of the local teachers union. ” “He says that it is not safe for his son * to go back to school when he leaves his son in a private school.”

It is seen that the president of the teachers’ union who led the charge for school closures left his daughter
Meet Matt Meyer. White man with dreadlocks and president of the local teachers union, ”the group wrote in a tweet Saturday along with video footage of Meyer. “He has been saying that he is not safe for * his son * to go back to school, while he leaves his son at private school.”

“There are big differences in the area of ​​a small kindergarten and a public school of 10,000 students in terms of size, facilities, public health guidance, and services that must be legally provided,” Meyer added. “We all want to go back to school safely. The Berkeley Federation of Teachers is excited that the Berkeley Unified School District, supported by our members and the district, will soon reopen with a plan to bring our students back to school later this month. ”

Mara Kolesas, Berkeley mother, former Berkeley PTA Council director

Mara Kolesas, Berkeley mother, former Berkeley PTA Council director, told KQED that Guerilla Momz’s video crossed a line in understanding parental anger and accepting that schools should be open.

“For me, you don’t have to attack people personally, you have to take it politically. When you start to get personal, you mix dimensions and you can’t argue with what’s real, ”Kolesas said. “The truth here is that [Meyer] puts fear of science and the rights of teachers before the rights of children. That’s the problem.”

The Berkeley Unified School District reached a tentative agreement with the Berkeley Federation of Teachers earlier this month to reopen public schools in March and April due to staff receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Under the plan, the phased reopening for kindergarten, transitional kindergarten and kindergarten through second grade under a hybrid model will begin on March 29, 3-8 and March 10-12. Classes will begin on April 12 and 17, respectively. depending on how quickly the city prepares additional doses of vaccine.

Additionally, staff will be required to take a COVID test that will be provided at each school every two weeks. BUSD and BFT will also encourage families to participate in routine COVID-19 testing at least once every two weeks.

Meanwhile, teachers have been identified as high-risk individuals who have documented their status on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s high-risk list, living with someone with these conditions, or a caregiver identified by a medical professional. . In these circumstances, you will be allowed to continue working remotely.

However, a group known as BUSD parents, affiliated with Reopen Schools California, believes that recent data shows that it is safe for full, face-to-face education.

COVID-19 response

Meyer helped the New Castle County government form a partnership with Biobot, a company that analyzes wastewater to estimate the number of people infected with COVID-19 in a given area. [25] [26]

In a July 2020 editorial for The News Journal, Meyer advocated sending all teachers and students back to school in the fall during the coronavirus pandemic. [two

The group argues that distance learning ‘exacerbates the racial and class divide between schools, widening the achievement gap, triggering a huge learning loss that translates into higher dropout rates, lower lifetime earnings, and lower hope. life, triggering sharp spikes in adolescent mental health crises: suicidal thoughts. and resulted in sharp declines in reports of child abuse, including disruption, and a general erosion of the physical and mental health of students attached to screens. ”

A letter signed earlier this month by Berkeley families and public health and medical professionals urged the district to reopen schools when safe, with the goal of getting children back from transitional kindergarten to grade 12 five days a week before school. end of the school year.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, the United States has surpassed 28.6 million COVID-19 cases and 512,000 related deaths as of Sunday.

California reported a total of 3.4 million COVID-19 cases and 51,979 related deaths statewide, while the city of Berkeley reported a total of 3,246 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 109 hospitalizations and 35 related deaths.

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