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Who was Matilda Tilly Rosewarne?(Parents of a teenage suicide victim BEG people to consider three things before posting online) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Matilda Tilly Rosewarne

Matilda Tilly Rosewarne Wiki

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Who was Matilda Tilly Rosewarne?

Matilda ‘Tilly’ Rosewarne died on February 16 after enduring more than seven years of relentless abuse at the hands of children and teenagers in Bathurst, west of Sydney.

At her farewell party at the Bathurst Harness Racing Club, the student’s parents, Murray and Emma Mason, told friends and family that her daughter decided to end her life as a result of catastrophic events that ‘severed the soul of Tilly’.

“Every post you write, every image you share, every word you say has an impact,” they wrote in her funeral pamphlet.


The parents explained that the father, one of their daughter’s classmates, died when she was eight years old, but her classmates responded by voting and deciding that Tilly’s father should have died in his place.

When she wasn’t invited to her birthday parties with the rest of her grade, her classmates would call and text her all night to annoy her because she wasn’t there.

Her classmates also used Snapchat and a European porn site to spread ‘fake nudity’, which her cousin later explained on Facebook led to a failed suicide attempt.


Ms Mason told the Daily Telegraph that they filed a complaint with the police, but there were difficulties in identifying the person who owned the Snapchat account and the investigation was dropped.

By this time, Tilly was in such a bad way that she didn’t want to do any more interviews with the police.

Tilly went to meet ‘friends’ in shopping malls, ‘only to be harassed and abused in public,’ her parents said.

His parents explained that they do not believe that educational institutions properly manage bullying and that some bullies are excused because they ‘come from a good family’.

“We share these examples not to blame any individual or school, but to plead with all of our educators and parents that something has to change,” the family said.

“If anything is to come from the loss of Tilly, we want our education system to go beyond the safety of having a policy or observing ‘R OR OK’ day to ensure real, tough conversations take place and bullying behavior stops.”

They remembered the schoolgirl as someone who loved to dance and paint, and was a great debater, but the bullying led her to develop depression, anxiety, and symptoms of borderline personality disorder, a condition that affects her self-image and creates a pattern of unstable relationships.

Tilly’s best friend, Grace, told Daily Mail Australia that the schoolgirl sent her messages from her when she was in extreme distress.

“There were so many times Tilly texted me and called me because she was afraid other people would hurt her,” he said.

“She would be so upset and crying because she thought she was going to die getting hit.”

I just hope she doesn’t feel pain anymore.

In a Facebook post, a cousin who attended the funeral said “no amount of police intervention could stop thugs.”

“No amount of family support or assistance from psychologists and psychiatrists who were involved in her treatment could prevent Tilly from choosing for herself: the only way out she knew would give her peace.”

She encouraged parents to have “real, hard conversations” with their children and schools to “help them understand the impact of words and actions.”

“My family and I will not see Tilly grow up now,” the woman wrote.

She will live in our hearts forever, but she didn’t have to be like this. I wish people were kind.

The police will carry out an inquest into Tilly’s death on behalf of the coroner.

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