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Who is Marzia Rahmat?(who was trampled to death in stampede at Kabul airport) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Marzia Rahmat

Marzia Rahmat Wiki

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Who was Marzia Rahmat?

The family of a 14-year-old girl killed in a stampede at Kabul Airport have released this shocking photograph of her shrouded body to draw attention to the plight of the Afghans desperate to leave the country.

High school student Marzia Rahmati dreamt of a new life outside Afghanistan with her parents and younger siblings and the family had secured visas to travel to nearby Tajikistan, where they had relatives.

Marzia is believed to be one of the youngest of the 12 victims who have died in the disorder at Kabul Airport since the Taliban took over.

But when the crowd panicked at the sound of gunfire on Monday, just hours after the Taliban seized Kabul, Marzia became separated from her parents de ella and fell to the ground, suffering multiple internal injuries as she was trampled to death.

Her aunt de ella, Zakia Ahmadi, 28, said the family were ‘devastated’ by her death de ella but added: ‘We want people to see what is really happening here right now, a little girl is dead because the world turned away from us.

How old was Marzia Rahmati?

She was 14 year old.


High school student Marzia Rahmati, 14, was killed in a stampede when shots were heard at the Kabul airport on Monday.

Images shared by Marzia’s family show crowds at the airport panicking when gunshots are heard and an American soldier can be heard yelling, ‘Get the shit down.’

People chasing a USAF C-17 cargo plane at Kabul airport on Monday, when thousands of people took to the tarmac for a chance to flee the Taliban.


‘My sister Fatima, Marzia’s mother and her family wanted their daughter to continue her education, and they were concerned that this would not be possible under the Taliban.

“They had all the necessary documents to leave the country, but in all the chaos at the airport, they didn’t have a chance. The crowd was running all over the place and then there were shots and everyone panicked.

‘Marzia’s father, Mustafa, and her mother were protecting her two youngest children, a boy and a girl, when people started running and Marzia got separated from them and was knocked over by the rush.

When her father came to her, she was barely alive and held her for a long time before they could seek medical help.

Causes of Death

“He received a lot of bruising all over his body and internal bleeding, and in the hospital they put cotton on him to absorb the blood that came out of his nose and mouth, but he died shortly after arriving there.”

Marzia’s mother, Fatima, 32, was also injured in her crush, but was later released from the hospital.

Zakia said that her niece, a talented student, was a freshman at an all-girls school and dreamed of being a teacher. Her father Mustafa, 38, worked for a local NGO as a program coordinator.

She added: ‘The family was so desperate to get out of the country that they took Marzia out of school, missing exams, because they thought this might be her last chance to leave. Now they are broken. ‘

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