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Breaking: Marlon Nelson Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Marlon Nelson Biography                                               Marlon Nelson Wiki

Marlon Nelson’s kids are reprimanded for spraying stupid threads at an ATM
He attacked a father in his 30s who asked the children to clean
The attack took place at a post office in Hyson Green, Nottingham, in August
The victim, who was with her 10-year-old daughter, suffered a wrist injury in the attack.
It’s the shocking moment when a Good Samaritan was stabbed to death by a bully in front of his little daughter after having a “ridiculous” argument over a stupid thread.

Marlon Nelson, 40, launched the violent sword assault after another father reprimanded his children for spraying a stupid thread at an ATM.

A court heard that the 30-year-old victim visited her local post office in Hyson Green, Nottingham with her 10-year-old daughter at 3 p.m. August 24.

But when he used the ATM, he noticed the kids had been flossing all over the place, so he asked them to clean up the mess.

This led to the children’s father, Nelson, becoming verbally aggressive towards the victim, who was not named until the separation from her.

Nelson took his children to the address of a relative before returning armed with a knife and looking for his father.

He followed the man to a store and began attacking him with the sword in front of his “crying and screaming” daughter and other customers.

The terrifying video surveillance shows Nelson pushing the gun towards the victim’s face and neck, without success, as they chase him to the store.

Nelson also took an item from the shelf and threw it on the victim’s head before leaving the store in broad daylight after the attack.

The father, who raised his arms to protect himself in the attack, suffered a stab wound to the wrist that required hospital treatment.

Nelson of Nottingham was arrested and charged with deliberately wounding and threatening a person with a knife in a public place.

He pleaded guilty to both crimes and yesterday he was imprisoned at Nottingham Crown Court for two years and three months.

In a statement about the impact on the victim, the father said: “I thought you wanted to kill me. He yelled aggressively and approached me with a knife.

“If I hadn’t left, I would have been seriously injured. Hearing my daughter scream and cry was heartbreaking.

Nottinghamshire Police Detective Laura McCullough later said: “The extent of Nelson’s extreme violence can be seen in the CCTV footage.

The victim was afraid of being stabbed in the stomach and neck and while he was brutally assaulted, his little daughter was present and witnessed what happened to his father as Nelson continued his attack.

“Given the nature and severity of this attack in a public place, Nelson represents a clear threat to the public and I am glad that he was taken off our streets.

I want to congratulate the sacrifice for his bravery and I hope that he and his daughter can now overcome his ordeal.

“Nottinghamshire Police take knife crime very seriously and, like the communities we serve, we believe there is no place for guns on our streets.

“We will not tolerate the people of Nottinghamshire carrying knives and we will always act decisively against anyone who carries a knife.”

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