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Breaking: Mark McCann-Barrett Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Mark McCann-Barrett Wiki Bio

Mark McCann-Barrett, a DUMPED man, shot dead his romantic rival Louis Kelly, whom his ex-girlfriend sent an X-rated sex tape, a court has heard.


Mark McCann-Barrett and Louis Kelly Age


Louis Kelly, 40, shot and killed Mark McCann-Barrett, 33, after telling Kelly about the sex tape Georgia Duncombe posted on WhatsApp.

McCann-Barrett’s current girlfriend, Amy Drajic, saw the video while scrolling through her cell phone.

McCann-Barrett called Kelly, his longtime girlfriend, and asked her to tell Drajic that she had sent him the video.

But Kelly, with whom Duncombe split last year, was outraged that McCann-Barrett had the film and shot it five times with a Glock pistol in Tottenham, Old Bailey heard.

Duncombe ended her relationship with Kelly in August 2019 after having s*x with McCann-Barrett.

S*x toys video

On September 16, 2019, Mr. McCann-Barrett, a father of three, was at home in bed with Drajic in Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, when he discovered a video of Ms. Duncombe masturbating with a sex toy on his phone.

James Mulholland, the prosecutor, said: “When she confronted him about this, Mr. McCann-Barrett … called Louis Kelly and told him to tell Ms. Drajic that he suspected Mr. McCann-Barrett had had the video on a previous occasion, sent intoxicated.

Although Georgia Duncombe had posted this intimate video to Louis Kelly six months earlier while they were still in a relationship, more recently she also posted it to Mark McCann-Barrett on WhatsApp.

“From his behavior after this call, it appears that Louis Kelly did not believe that he sent the video to his friend, but that it was sent by Ms. Duncombe.”

Mulholland said it was “very likely” that Kelly already suspected that Ms. Duncombe had been dealing with someone else and that there were “increasingly clear” indications that it was Mr. McCann-Barrett.

Kelly went to her ex-partner’s home in Harefield, west London, to retrieve his phone before leaving with him and returning home, the court heard.

McCann-Barrett and Dragic met early in the morning at Kelly’s apartment in Tottenham, north London.

At 7:34 p.m., the court heard that Kelly had been seen picking up something.


“The timing of his short trip would indicate that he was recovering the gun that [Mr. McCann-Barrett] fired at him,” Mulholland added.

At 9:08 a.m., Kelly left the apartment and left the neighborhood.

Mulholland added: “At this point we know that he shot Mr. McCann-Barrett several times.

“When he left, he made sure to take the gun.”

Kelly fired the Glock 9mm pistol five times at McCann-Barrett’s leg and feet, causing massive bleeding, the court said.

McCann-Barrett was hospitalized but died of his injuries nearly two weeks later, on September 30.

Kelly, from St. John’s Wood, north London, denies the murder.

The trill continues.

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