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Who is Mark Brown?(Builder, 41, is found GUILTY of murdering two s*x workers six months)Wiki,Bio,Age,More Quick and facts

Mark Brown

Mark Brown wiki

                          Mark Brown Biography

Perverted double murderer Mark Brown killed escorts Leah Ware and Alexandra Morgan and burned their bodies in an oil barrel on a remote farmhouse near St Leonards in East Suss*x after meeting them through a s*x work website, he was told to a jury at Hove Crown Court.

Brown put the single mother of two, Ms Morgan, 34, headfirst into a home incinerator before dumping her remains. Only charred teeth and bone fragments remained. The body of Ms Ware, 33, has never been found, but the prosecution believes she used a similar method, as well as killing her Pomeranian, Lady.

Mrs. Ware was an animal lover and was devoted to her pets. At the time of her death she had a horse, Bertie, and two dogs, Duke and Lady.

Brown gave Duke to his sister shortly after May 7, 2021, when police say he killed Ms. Ware.

Lady, a Pomeranian, was said to be completely loyal to Mrs. Ware, even following her into the bathroom.

Pomeranian bones were found on the farm along with a chain and dumbbell, and police say Brown killed Lady shortly before or after Ms Ware.

Ms. Ware had various mental illnesses and was taking prescription drugs. She had three children but she did not have custody of them.

She lived a transient lifestyle. The last time she contacted her family directly was to wish one of her children a happy birthday in March 2021.

Alexandra Morgan, known as Alex to friends and family, was an unemployed single mother of two living in Sissinghurst, Kent, at the time of her death.

Shortly after Ms. Ware’s murder, Brown reactivated the AdultWork account and contacted Ms. Morgan, who was secretly working as his escort.

Before their final meeting on November 14, 2021, Brown hired Ms. Morgan to have s*x in the converted shipping container at Little Bridge Farm.

He had offered her a job that he claimed could be worth £100,000.

Ms. Morgan agreed to take over the job, but left a note and clues as to Brown’s identity and location at her home in case she didn’t work out as planned.