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Breaking: Mark Brandford Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Mark Brandford

Mark Brandford Wiki

                                                Mark Brandford  Biography

Mark Brandford crushed Kayleigh Dunning’s skull in a ‘cruel’ attack the very night he proposed to her, having devised a ‘cold and calculated’ plan.

Today, a judge called him “malicious and misleading” by sentencing him to life in prison with a minimum sentence of 23 years in prison.A year before the 49-year-old man ‘brutally’ murdered Miss Dunning, 32, he created the impression that he had a mysterious enemy by pretending that someone else had stolen his phone and used it to share explicit videos of the couple having sex.

Brandford, a street sweeper, sent the images to the cleaner’s family and bosses, as well as sending anonymous threats that included “I’m going to screw you big.”

Brandford was jailed for life and told he will serve a minimum term of 23 years.

Police conducting searches in the area at the time of the murder

In November 2018, he created a fake Facebook account and uploaded intimate and s*xual photos of Kayleigh.

‘This was more than 12 months before you killed her, but that action shows all the characteristics of your quest to control her, to coerce her.

You wanted Kayleigh as a possession.

Her seemingly pleasant demeanor that people talk about hides a tendency on her part for prolonged periods of extreme jealousy.

You were never going to control her. She was too independent-minded to be someone who enjoyed life.

‘It was a brutal attack on her … With great courage she tried to defend herself from her … but your attack was so fierce that it rendered her unconscious, immobilized and defenseless. She didn’t stand a chance and it was pretty clear that you intended to kill her.

‘This was premeditated and planned. There was the theft of the lever two months before the murder.

‘You are deceptive, you sought to implicate others and attribute racist comments to them … You are manipulative.

She has shown no emotion, much less remorse.

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