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Who is Makayla Saulter Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

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Authorities arrested a 48-year-old Minnesota man Jason Michael Mesich for murder and attempted murder, claiming he shot his wife before shooting the two sisters Canisha Saulter and Makayla Saulter who lived next door.

Jason Michael Mesich, 48, is being held on charges consisting of probable cause second-degree homicide, second-degree homicide and first-degree assault.

— TC Crime Watch (@TCCrimeWatch) August 31, 2020


Jason Michael Mesich shot his wife Angela Mesich

A police statement in Bloomington alleged that Jason Michael Mesich shot his wife Angela Mesich, 47, in the detached garage of their home before going out and pointing his gun at his neighbors.

Jason Michael Mesich shot sisters Makayla Saulter and Canisha Saulter

The local media reported, citing the police, that Mesich allegedly told investigators after his arrest that he shot sisters Makayla Saulter (12) and Canisha Saulter (29) because “he hated all children”. He allegedly added that he also believed he shot his wife.

Makayla and Canisha were helping their aunt load a moving truck at the time of the shooting, reports KARE.

The Bloomington Police statement states that Makayla is in critical condition after being shot in the head and Canisha remains in serious condition, recovering from multiple gunshot wounds to her legs.

Relatives told KSTP-TV doctors that Canisha would need physical rehabilitation to learn to walk again.

PEOPLE confirm that Mesich is being held on $ 1 million bail for one murder count and two attempted murders.

Mesich has not yet spoken out in favor of the charges and it was not clear Thursday if he had a lawyer. He is due to return to court on September 30th.

The police were called to Mesich’s home shortly after 11 p.m. on Sunday evening.

When the officers arrived, they heard gunfire and quickly located Angela’s body.

Officials who responded tried to search the area for other victims and police said they heard Mesich at the residence allegedly yelling and firing guns in the basement.

After a brief confrontation with the police, which included an exchange of fire, Mesich is said to have surrendered.

Mesich reportedly confessed to shooting his wife

Mesich reportedly confessed to shooting his wife after a long argument and told police, “I probably emptied the gun’s clip”.

Speaking to KSTP, Katie-Jo Williams said she was friends with Angela, adding that the victim “had such a heart for people … she was always looking for people to help her”.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched to pay the nurses medical bills. Makayla “held her 1-year-old niece Winter when she was shot” and credits her with saving the baby’s life.



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