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Who was Mak Parhar?(Flat Earther and COVID-19 denier Mak Parhar found dead in New Westminster home ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Cause of Death,Family,Facebook,Video, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Mak Parhar

Mak Parhar Wiki

                                                Mak Parhar Biography

Who was Mak Parhar ?

One of B.C.’s brazen COVID-19 deniers has died after showing symptoms of the disease.

Mak Parhar was found dead in a home in New Westminister, according to police.

Last month, while in his car, Parhar posted a video in which he described that he was suffering from various symptoms. They included a “rheumatic sore throat” and sensations of hot and cold. In the midst of that tirade, he too was coughing and spitting phlegm out of the driver’s side window.

But Parhar flatly denied that he had “CONVIDED”. That is because, according to him, “CONVID does not exist.”


In a later video, Parhar revealed that he took Invermectim, which is used to treat parasitic infections. The US Food and Drug Administration has advised people not to take it to treat or prevent COVID-19.

The cause of his death has not been revealed.

He first came to the public’s attention when he operated a yoga studio in North Delta. It was closed after he claimed that the COVID-19 virus could not survive the heat.

In his latest video of him posted on his Facebook page this week, Parhar expressed his hope that he would be able to cross the border in the future to attend a convention of Flat Earth believers in the United States.

Also, he talked about taking a road trip through Canada with his puppy, and mentioned that he has friends and family in Toronto.

In the video, Parhar also railed at others in the movement for not being militant enough.

He seemed quite cheerful, not showing the same degree of symptoms that were present in the October video, although he still periodically coughed.

Parhar has been one of the most radical voices in the so-called “truth movement”. In the past, he has publicly stated that the Holocaust is a hoax, stating in a video that “Hitler was a nice guy, maybe.” He also visited the Royal Columbian Hospital with a video camera to investigate the validity of COVID-19, prompting a loud reprimand from Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth, who called him an “idiot.”

Cause of Death

Medical examiners in the Canadian province have not disclosed the cause of Parhar’s death.Parhar used a Twitch livestream to deny the existence of Covid while he suffered from Covid-like symptoms

Police were called in to assist paramedics at Parhar’s home in Sapperton, New Westminster, but the Covid denier was dead when they arrived, according to Global News.

He claimed to be taking iverectin, an antiparasitic drug, to treat his disease.

Ivermectin is popular among anti-vaccine communities as a treatment for Covid, but health officials in the US and Canada have repeatedly warned people not to take it.

At the time of his death, Parhar was on three counts of violating Canadian quarantine laws when he was returning from a flat-earth conference in the United States last year.

At the time of his death, Parhar was on trial in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster on three counts of violating federal quarantine laws.

The streamer was already a notorious Covid denier as well as a committed flat-earther

He had a lawsuit alleging that British Columbia provincial government officials had been involved in burglary, extortion, terrorism, kidnapping and fraud that was dismissed by the British Columbia Supreme Court in April.

The outspoken activist was also known to be anti-masking for the purpose of preventing the spread of the virus.

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Mak Parhar Quick and Facts

  • Mak Parhar was known for frivolous lawsuits about Covid laws and for being a flat-earther
  • He had complained of fatigue, chills and a cough on a livestream but denied it was Covid because ‘it doesn’t exist’
  • The Canadian was found dead by police who were called to assist paramedics at Parhar’s home in New Westminster, British Columbia
  • He claimed to have been feeling better after taking ivermectin to treat himself
  • Parhar’s cause of death has not been released by coroners who are investigating 

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