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Breaking: Mairead Philpott Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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Mairead Philpott killed her six children after setting fire to the family home in Derby
The 38-year-old is “happy” to have received her release date as soon as possible.
She left HMP Send in Surrey yesterday after turning eight and a half years old.
However, the decision was criticized by the expert group of the Center for Crime Prevention.

Mairead Philpott was released from prison after serving less than half her 17-year sentence for killing her six children in a fire.

The 38-year-old, who killed her six children in 2012 after setting the family home on fire in Derby, was delighted with her earliest possible release date


HMP Send took her to a drug rehab center in Surrey yesterday after just eight and a half years behind bars, The Sun reported.

The news of her imminent release has already been criticized by the expert group of the Center for Crime Prevention, who said: “This is not justice.”

Philpott, along with her husband Mick and her fiancé Paul Mosley, burned down the family’s three-bedroom home in 2012 for a larger home.

But the couple’s six children, Duwayne (13), Jade (10), John (9), Jack (7), Jesse (6) and Jayden (5) died in the fire.

The taxpayer pays thousands of pounds for Philpott to stay in a hostel with a new identity.

David Spencer from the Center for Crime Prevention said: “This is an absolute mockery of the UK criminal justice system.

“He served just over a year for each of the six innocent lives that were cruelly murdered.”

A source also told the publication: “His convoy was like the one given to a celebrity, not a mother who killed her six children.”

Halfway there you will live in a 20-bed house and bring a bag full of your belongings to the entrance.

She will be leaving after three months with a new name and a 7pm curfew. until 7:00

Philpott’s mother, Vera, 62, said: She was angry last night that her daughter was released so soon.

The Philpotts married in 2003 and shared a small three-bedroom house in Derby with their lover Lisa Willis and their children.

Philpott directed his wife and accomplice Mosley about a plan to secure a larger meetinghouse by setting their house on fire and charging Willis with the crime after he left.

He also hopes to regain custody of his five children who recently left home.

His intention was to save the sleeping children through an upstairs window, but the plan failed catastrophically after using too much gasoline and the fire got out of control.

The fire killed Duwayne (13), Jade (10), John (9), Jack (8), Jesse (6) and Jayden (5).

Philpott, previously imprisoned for stabbing his student lover 27 times, has spun a web of lies to fend for himself and even plans to get rich quick on generous donations from the local community to pay for his children’s funerals. .

In the days after the fire, Philpott began his clever trick of appearing innocent and even showed up at a press conference to ask for information.

During a fortnightly surveillance at the hotel where they were staying by police in May after the fire, the couple were heard whispering about the case and Philpott recorded telling his wife to “keep up your story.” “.

They were charged by police in the May 30 deaths and Mosley was arrested in the following months after telling a friend that he wanted to save the children.

Police initially charged the trio with murder, but demoted them to manslaughter because the defendants did not intend to kill all six despite their horribly ruthless actions.

However, during a trial in April, he was found guilty of the gruesome crime and sentenced to life in prison.

The judge described the plot as “an evil and dangerous plan” that “was beyond the understanding of any fair person.”

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