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Breaking:Who is Lysandra Ohrstrom Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lysandra Ohrstrom Wiki

                    Lysandra Ohrstrom  Biography

Lysandra Ohrstrom, 38, a journalist for The Observer and Huffington Post, attended Chapin, which is a private girls’ school on Manhattan’s Upper East Side with Ivanka as a teenager. She had also been one of Ivanka’s two ‘bridesmaids’ when she married Jared Kushner. Ohrstrom revealed that the two had been close until immediately after the wedding, after which their friendship deteriorated. She shared that the two shared a distant but polite friendship. Ohrstrom is now speaking out and has opened up about who her former BFF really is.

 Ohrstrom revealed speaking about one incident

Ohrstrom revealed that she spoke about an incident when she recommended a novel about a restaurant manager. Ivanka also reportedly said, “Since when can a teacher afford a BMW?” and “why does a policeman live in such a house?” when the two were watching movies.

Ohrstrom added that Ivanka was the one who persuaded other girls to misbehave and inappropriately, which included showing her breasts to the ‘hot dog man’ from her school windows and persuading herself not to get in trouble. if they were caught. “One of the first memories I have of Ivanka from before we were friends is when she blamed a classmate for a fart. Some time later, she prompted me and some other girls to show our breasts for the Our classroom window on what has happened. It has since been labeled the ‘hot dog display’ incident in the Chapin tradition. Ivanka had been basically the ringleader, but the principal was pleaded not guilty and got away with it. The rest of us were suspended, “Ohrstrom said.

 who asked her if Ivanka was the ‘prettiest’ girl

She also says she spent time with POTUS Trump, who asked her if Ivanka was the ‘prettiest’ girl in her grade and was shocked when she said no. “Before knowing that the Trumps have no sense of humor about themselves, I remember honestly answering that it was probably in the top five,” added Lysandra. She recalled another incident that took place in Mar-a-Lago when Donald Trump Jr snatched half a grilled cheese from her plate. “Ivanka scolded him, but Trump chimed in: ‘Don’t worry. She doesn’t need it. He’s doing her a favor.’ On the contrary, he usually congratulated me if I had lost weight,” he added.

Ohrstrom recalled another incident in which Ivanka told her that she ‘hated’ a necklace she was wearing that had her name in Arabic and had even said to her, “How does your Jewish boyfriend feel when you are having sex and that necklace hits him in the face? How can you wear that thing? Just yell ‘terrorist’. ”

The couple’s friendship ended when she complained that Ivanka had not been interested in her new job and Ivanka told her, “Ly, I’m too busy for this shit.”



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