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Who is Lynn Faulds Wood?(The ‘cure’ that killed Lynn Faulds Wood ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lynn Faulds Wood

Lynn Faulds Wood Wiki

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Who is Lynn Faulds Wood?

Lynn Faulds Wood was a Scottish television presenter and journalist. She co-presented the British television programme Watchdog with her husband John Stapleton.

This Saturday will be the first anniversary of the death of my wife Lynn Faulds Wood.

Her passing sparked an astonishing response: enthusiastic obituaries, 70,000 condolence tweets, and more than 400 letters and cards.

But what many of those kind people still don’t know is that she ironically died of a disease that she was trying to warn other people about.

Not bowel cancer, which was diagnosed when our son Nick was just three years old and then spent years campaigning on television.wikipedia

How old was Lynn Faulds Wood when she died?

72 years (1948–2020)
Lynn Faulds Wood/Age at death

What happened to Lynn Faulds Wood?

Emotional Lorraine Kelly revealed her late friend Lynn Faulds Wood bravely battled a rare auto-immune disease for years as her husband John Stapleton recalls the moment he lost his wife. TV tragic presenter passed away aged 72 in April after suffering a severe stroke at her home.

What caused by a disease of which few people have heard.

No, Lynn suffered a stroke caused by a disease that few people have heard of. A disease with the hard-to-remember name of antiphospholipid syndrome (APS).

APS, also known as Hughes syndrome or sticky blood, is an autoimmune disease that predominantly affects women.

Activates the immune system to produce abnormal antibodies. This, in turn, causes blood platelets to clump together, causing clots, strokes, and heart attacks.

The condition is implicated in one in five deep vein thrombosis (DVT), one in five strokes suffered by people under 45 years of age, and one in five recurrent miscarriages.

Has Lynn Faulds Wood died?

April 24, 2020
Lynn Faulds Wood/Date of death

What is John Stapleton doing now?

He would be replaced by a new Good Morning Britain breakfast show, where he remained until July 2015. He still works in radio, replaces other presenters at LBC, facilitates important lectures, appears on television as an expert on the BBC news channel, and writes for newspapers.

Cause of Death

It was discovered by a British expert, Professor Graham Hughes, almost 40 years ago and is treatable. However, many doctors still don’t seem to recognize the symptoms, as Lynn’s case sadly shows.

The result? Too many people are dying unnecessarily. This must change.

Lynn, who survived skin cancer and bowel cancer, found out about APS after doing a documentary series for ITV called The Ladykillers. Among the conditions she developed was lupus, another autoimmune disease that affects healthy tissue and from which her mother, Betty, had died.

Professor Hughes is a world expert on lupus and through years of treating patients with it, he discovered the syndrome that is now known as APS.

Despite all this, doctors said Lynn was managing her illness well. In the last test before her death, our GP described the consistency of her blood as “perfect”.

So even though her health was not very good, we had no reason to think that she would lose her life, until her stroke that night a year ago.

Doctors told us that it had been caused by a massive hemorrhage in the brain. Apparently, warfarin can thin her blood so much that this may be the result: a drug meant to save her led to her death.

Yet another tragic irony: Two hours before collapsing, Lynn and I had been applauding the NHS outside our home.

After being taken to Charing Cross Hospital, she thanked the staff for helping her and later lost consciousness. Eight hours later she died with me, our son Nick, and his wife Lise at his bedside.

We don’t want to criticize anyone who tried to help Lynn. We are sure that everyone did the best they could. We just wish that everyone, including NHS staff, knew more about the terrible disease.

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