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Who is Lynda Rickard?(Carer, 62, who forged will of elderly woman is found guilty of starving her live-in landlord son to death in bid to inherit £1.5m estate – as husband, 66, ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lynda Rickard

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Who is Lynda Rickard?

Lynda Rickard and her husband Wayne moved to an Oxfordshire farm located on 60 acres of land owned by James ‘Anthony’ Sootheran in 2006.

A caretaker who deliberately starved his owner to inherit a portion of his multi-million dollar estate was convicted of murder today after his skeletal body was found next to a McDonald’s plate.
The 62-year-old looked after his elderly mother Joy Sootheran, but despite receiving £ 47,000 a year in the role of her, he soon began to use the woman’s money as his own.

Lynda, a mother of three, had previously admitted to having forged Ms Sootheran’s will, in an attempt to win half of her estate of £ 1.5 million.

She also admitted to having fabricated the will of Mr. Sootheran, the retiree’s only son.

She claimed that Mr. Sootheran’s death was entirely coincidental with her falsifying her will, saying it was a consequence of her own carelessness.

However, on Friday a jury found her guilty of murder. Her husband was convicted of causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult and one count of fraud and perverting the course of justice.

The jury heard how 59-year-old Sootheran led a lonely life, and Lynda Rickard took advantage of his vulnerabilities, isolating him and keeping family and friends at a distance.

Behind closed doors and out of sight of her loved ones, Lynda Rickard was able to deliberately deprive Anthony of food, drink and medical care to the point that he starved to death.

Just 18 months after his mother died of dementia, the skeletal body of one’s father was discovered alongside a plate of chocolate bars, a donut and a McDonald’s bag that looked ‘cooler than him’, a jury. I’m listening.


In his youth, retired auctioneer Mr. Sootheran weighed 17 kilograms, but when he was found dead, he weighed only nine kilograms.

On Friday, a jury convicted Lynda Rickard, 62, of murder and one count of fraud.

She previously she had admitted two counts of forgery; four counts of fraud; perverting the course of justice; conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and possession of articles for use in fraud.

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Wayne Rickard, 66, who had frequent contact with Mr. Sootheran and would have been aware of how serious he was in the days before his death, did not intervene and did not get him help.

He was convicted of causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult, one count of fraud, and perverting the course of justice.

The Rickards, of Edinburgh Close, Banbury, Oxfordshire, were placed on remand before their sentencing at Reading Crown Court on June 1.


Chief Crown Prosecutor Robbie Weber said: “While living rent-free with her husband at High Havens Farm, Lynda Rickard helped herself with tens of thousands of pounds of Sootherans money.

But that was not enough. As we’ve shown, she was willing to go as far as deliberately starving Anthony in order to inherit a significant amount of fortune from her.

Lynda Rickard has always tried to cover her trail with a web of lies passed on to friends, family, emergency services workers, and financial professionals.

“We are pleased that the jury has convicted the Rickards of their crimes, in what we understand is a landmark case, and we hope this will bring a sense of justice to the loved ones of Joy and Anthony Sootheran.”

Standing with the Rickards on the dock were Shanda Robinson, 51, Denise Neal, 41, and Michael Dunkley, 49, who had allegedly been “entangled in dishonesty.”

Robinson, of Banbury, Oxfordshire, was convicted of fraud and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice on Friday.

Neal, from Lower Tysoe, Warwickshire and Dunkley, also from Banbury, were convicted of fraud on Friday.

But she deliberately neglected him and his health rapidly deteriorated.


She made no attempt to get him help in the last days of her life, when her medical treatment would have saved her life.

This is because she, having forged her will, she needed her to die in order to claim her inheritance for her family.

In Wayne Rickard’s case, we were able to show that he played a role in Anthony’s death, because despite living in the same house as Anthony, he did not take steps to protect him when it would have been obvious that his wife was putting her life in danger.

Before trial, Lynda Rickard admitted various charges related to her use of Sootherans money, as well as false wills and lease agreements, after evidence considered by financial and deed experts revealed the extent of her long campaign of fraud while lived at High. Haven Farm.

Her friend June Alsford admitted to fraudulently signing the wills that Ms. Rickard had forged and trying to pass off as genuine, charges to which the jury found another friend Shanda Robinson guilty at trial.

Two other friends, Michael Dunkley and Denise Neal, were also convicted of fraudulently signing the forged wills.

Furthermore, the jury convicted both Lynda and Wayne Rickard for fraudulently using Joy Sootheran’s money to purchase a Mitsubishi Shogun worth around £ 30,000, and Wayne Rickard for perverting the course of justice.

Lynda Rickard Quicks and Facts

  • Lynda Rickard and husband Wayne moved into Oxfordshire farmhouse in 2006
  • Was owned by James ‘Anthony’ Sootheran, who lived there with his mother Joy
  • Lynda cared for him and his aging mother but manufactured both their wills
  • Woman isolated Mr Sootheran and deliberately deprived him of food until death

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