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Lyle Hileman Wiki  Age

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Lyle Hileman, 86, were found dead ‘in each other’s arms’ in the basement of their Colorado home after refusing to evacuate as a +4 wildfire approached

An 80-year-old Colorado couple died while hugging after they refused to evacuate their home when the state’s second-largest wildfire broke out.

Family members confirmed that Lyle Hileman, 86, and Marylin Hileman, 84, of Grand County, Colorado, were killed inside their home when the East Troublesome Fire swept through the area this week.

The elderly couple refused to evacuate when the wildfire struck Wednesday night, telling family members that they were taking refuge inside the basement of their home.

Marylin Hileman, 84, and her husband Lyle Hileman, 86, were found dead ‘in each other’s arms’ in the basement of their Colorado home after refusing to evacuate as a +4 wildfire approached
Marylin Hileman, 84, and her husband Lyle Hileman, 86, were found dead ‘in each other’s arms’ in the basement of their Colorado home after refusing to evacuate as a wildfire approached.

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Hundreds of people in the area were forced to flee their home with just a few minutes’ notice.

Family members of the Hilemans said several friends had offered to help the couple evacuate that night, with a friend and security officials even driving through the roadblocks to rescue them.

All offers to leave were rejected. At 86 and 84, their only wish was to be together in the home they loved, ‘the family said in the statement obtained by the Denver Channel.

The family said the couple called their son, Glenn Hileman, on Wednesday night and noted that it “happened.”

“When pressured, they later shared that the fire had started in the adjacent fields, barns and houses,” according to the statement.

“ They were calm, determined and inflexible: they were not going to leave. They asked Glenn to call his brothers and let them know that they were in his basement in an area where they felt safe. ‘

Before hanging up the phone, Marylin told her son that they could smell smoke.

When Glenn called her parents later that night, no one answered the phone.

Lyle Hileman Age

Lyle and Marylin Hilemanages 86 and 84, were last heard from on Wednesday when their son, Glenn Hileman, spoke with them over the phone

elderly couple decided to wait out the East Troublesome Fire in the basement bunker of their home Wednesday night. The wildfire is pictured turning Thursday near Granby, Colorado

One of Hileman’s grandsons tweeted updates on the situation, noting that the couple had been “preparing for this since they built the house 50 years ago.” Grandpa was a firefighter, so he knew what he was doing. I am hopeful that they are still okay, they just can’t contact. ”

It wasn’t until Thursday night that the family received confirmation that the Hilemans’ home had been destroyed.

Authorities then dispatched a search and rescue team to the home to see if the couple had survived inside their basement bunker, but were found dead.

“They lived long and wonderful lives, full of joy. And they left together, in peace, happy with their decision to stay at home. They never wanted to live a day apart. Going together is what they wanted, ‘the grandson wrote Thursday night.

On Friday, the grandson tweeted that: ‘Their bodies were recovered this afternoon. They were found in each other’s arms. ‘

‘They were together and calm. There is no other way they would have preferred to leave this life and certainly no other place that they would have selected as their final resting place, ” the family said in their statement.

The elderly couple’s friend, Matt Reed, told the Denver Channel that “they were the nicest people you could have hoped to meet. I think they knew it too, they lived a phenomenal life. ‘

He added that ‘they were really lucky people and they had an amazing family and an amazing community around them.’

Marilyn had been a mental health worker.

Lyle had been a Denver firefighter before retiring, while Marilyn had been a mental health worker.

They married in 1952 and bought the land on which their big yellow house stood in 1972, the family said, noting that before the couple died, the house had already been handed over to their son Glenn, to continue remodeling and remodeling. expanding. .

The family now intends to rebuild the house using its original plans.

“This summer, my grandfather gave my dad the original plans for the house, and we are going to rebuild it, as it was, and more. They left us so much love and memories, and we’re going to build on those with even more, ” Hileman’s grandson tweeted.

‘They leave a legacy of hard work and determination to overcome, something that all of Grand County will need. Our family looks forward to continuing their legacy on the property and working shoulder to shoulder with our neighbors in rebuilding and restoring a sacred part of God’s world, ‘the family said in their statement.

The two Hilemans were reportedly the only people killed in connection with the Grand County wildfire, although three others, unrelated to them, are currently missing, CBS 4 reported.

The East Troublesome Fire has burned 188,000 acres of land since Oct. 14 and is the second-largest wildfire in state history, after the Cameron Peak Fire, which is still burning, according to Fox 31.




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