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Who is Luigi Cossellu?(Anti-vaxxer, 28, dies of Covid after tearing off his oxygen mask and insisting ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Luigi Cossellu

Luigi Cossellu Wiki

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Who is Luigi Cossellu ?

An anti-vaccine activist died of Covid-19 after ripping off his oxygen mask and insisting he didn’t have the disease while being treated at a hospital in Italy.

The man, identified as Luigi Cossellu by the local media and who entered on January 16, would have denied the existence of covid-19 and would have refused to receive the vaccine.

Doctors immediately recognized the seriousness of the 28-year-old’s condition upon his arrival at the Santa Maria Goretti Hospital in Latina, south of Rome.

He was diagnosed with acute respiratory failure from coronavirus

He was diagnosed with acute respiratory failure from coronavirus and transferred to an intensive care ward on his second day at the facility.

However, Cossellu refused treatment and removed his oxygen mask.

Doctors were able to persuade the man to put his mask back on, Latina ASL (Local Health Unit) general manager Silvia Cavalli told Italy24news.

But her cooperation came too late. His condition deteriorated and he succumbed to the illness on his fifth day in the hospital.

Cossellu’s father, 55, who is also an anti-vaccine, is also currently in hospital in serious condition on a ventilator, according to the Italian news agency Ansa.

This was also confirmed by Silvia Cavalli, who reported that the man’s father is also being treated at the same hospital.

According to Italy24news, both men refused to be vaccinated against covid-19.

Cossellu was from nearby Terracina and was engaged, according to his Facebook page.

Alessio D’Amato, health councilor for the Lazio region

Alessio D’Amato, health councilor for the Lazio region, urged young people to get vaccinated and pointed to the death of the 28-year-old. ‘Covid also hits young people hard. vaccination is important,’ he told the news outlet.

Italy24news also reported that a 28-year-old pregnant antivaxxer died overnight between Thursday and Friday in Rome.

She was reportedly in her 31st week of pregnancy, but she was not vaccinated.

The media outlet reported that she had symptoms for 10 days and shortness of breath, and within a week her condition had drastically decreased, forcing doctors to perform a C-section to deliver the baby.

But despite her best efforts, they were unable to save the woman, who later died.

Several Italian anti-vaccines have been in the news during the pandemic, particularly since the government introduced a vaccination mandate for people over 50 years of age that will take effect from February 1.

Late last year, an ardent anti-vaccine Italian who gained a cult following after his regular phone calls to a popular radio show was killed by Covid-19.

Maurizio Buratti, 61, known to his fans as Mauro of Mantua, had boasted of being a ‘plague spreader’ after deliberately going to a Carrefour supermarket without a mask while feeling sick with a 38-degree temperature, a few days before your hospitalization.

Zanzara radio station

He said he was “upholding the constitution” by ignoring public health advice and refused to be tested because he believed the swabs caused the virus.

The frequent caller to the Zanzara radio station, which also promoted anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, was eventually intubated and later died.

In another case last week, Italian police busted a gang behind a major anti-vaccine scam that helped people sign up for the vaccine only to have them throw it away and not inject it, in a ploy to obtain a passport from vaccines.

According to the investigation, a network of dozens of people brought people from all over Italy to the Ancona vaccination center, where they paid up to 400 euros (330 British pounds) for a fake injection.

The nurse who was supposed to inject them would throw the dose in the trash before putting a Band-Aid on the patient and giving him a “green pass,” showing proof of vaccination.

A vaccination mandate in Italy requires anyone over the age of 50 to get vaccinated starting February 1. The unvaccinated risk paying a large fine or losing their jobs.

A large proportion of the deaths have occurred in wealthy Lombardy

A large proportion of the deaths have occurred in wealthy Lombardy in the north, which recorded the first case.

‘In the last two days, even in Lombardy, the number of hospital admissions is less than the number discharged. This bodes well,” Figliuolo said.

Italy, which has taken strict measures to curb the spread of the virus, including mandatory vaccination for those over 50, reported 138,860 new Covid-19 cases and 227 deaths on Sunday.

The slowdown comes as the World Health Organization said the planet can end the Covid-19 emergency this year by ensuring equitable access to vaccines and keeping restrictions in place.

The Omicron variant, which is highly contagious but generally causes less severe infection among vaccinated people, is now the dominant variant in Europe.

Luigi Cossellu Quick and Facts

  • The man, named as Luigi Cossellu, reportedly denied existence of Covid-19
  • He, along with his 55-year-old father, are said to have both been unvacinated
  • Mr Cossellu was admitted to hospital last Sunday with acute respiratory failure
  • He initially refused treatment, tearing off his oxygen mask in the hospital
  • Doctors were able to persuade him to put it back on, but he later passed away 

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