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Who is Lucci Smith?(Chilling moment mum LIES to police to protect boyfriend who murdered her 11-week-old baby boy) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lucci Smith

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Who is Lucci Smith?

The moment 29-year-old Lucci Smith told Cambridgeshire police detectives that she cared about baby Teddie more than “anything in the world,” is caught in Channel’s 24-hour police custody. Four.

Lucci Smith lied to officers after her boyfriend fatally attacked their son

Tragic tot Teddie was killed after Kane Mitchell slammed his head onto a hard surface.


Kane Mitchell, 31, killed baby Teddie in November 2019 and inflicted a “catalog” of injuries from the day he was born.

Mama Lucci was on a school run when the fatally wounded were sentenced, but she delayed the call for medical assistance.

Tragic Teddie suffered injuries consisting of being “grabbed hard”, “shaken vigorously” and “having his head hit a hard surface”.

Detectives compared his injuries to Baby P’s, with an autopsy that revealed the baby had a skull fracture, bleeding into the brain and several broken bones.

During an interview, detectives asked Lucci how her son suffered those injuries and she replied “I have no idea” before denying that she has “covered” her partner.

She was questioned further about her volatile relationship with Mitchell, initially denying that he had assaulted her.


Smith was then asked again about how Teddie suffered the fatal injuries, but added: “If there were, then I’d say because he’s my son at the end of the day and he means more to me than anyone else.”

Officers arrested the couple shortly after they were rushed to hospital, and they both exploded and insulted police before bursting into tears.

The two-part series shows Mitchell reacting aggressively to officers who suggested he hurt the baby, enraging: “How dare you? That bothers me.”

DI Lucy Thomson and her team were horrified to hear how many injuries were inflicted on Teddie.

Experts ruled that the baby suffered horrific injuries in at least five different incidents of violence, since the day he was born in August 2019.

Smith was found guilty

After a trial, Smith was found guilty of cruelty to a child, but was acquitted of charges of causing or allowing death and serious injury.

The judge sentenced her to a two-year community order and noted that she had already spent several months in prison while she was on remand before the trial.

Cambridge Crown Court heard that Smith “cared for … and loved” Teddie, and that Mitchell was an “authoritative partner.


Detective Inspector Lucy Thomson, who led the investigation, said: “This was a terrible and tragic case in which an 11-week-old baby was killed by someone who should have been there to protect him.

“Our year-long investigation found that Teddie had suffered multiple horrific injuries during her short life, which neither Mitchell nor Smith could explain.

“Viewers will see the complexities and complexities of such an emotional and tragic case.

“The program highlights that we will work tirelessly to bring those responsible for such heinous crimes to justice, whatever the cost.

“We hope it will encourage anyone with a concern for the welfare of a child to come forward and report it to us without delay.”



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