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Breaking: Lucas Sloan Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

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Riverton police officers arrested a former college professor Lucas Sloan Talley on Friday for abducting a young girl by placing her in a plastic trash can and taking her to her classroom, as well as for other inappropriate relationships with students in the past.

A South Hills High School teacher was arrested and jailed after being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old student.

Lucas Sloan Talley Age

According to probable cause claims, Riverton Police Department detectives were told over Thanksgiving weekend that a college teacher was having inappropriate conversations and relationships with several teenage students. Lucas Sloan Talley, 38, has taught at South Hills High School for 12 years and has been in personal contact with several girls during his career. Most of the interactions were personal in nature and not related to school.

Talley began having an emotional relationship with a female victim in April and spoke to him about his marriage, as well as his anxiety and depression. He also began bringing sweets home, spending time with her inside the house, and physically hugging her during these visits, according to the CP’s statements.

Talley also planned to meet the victim twice at South Hills Middle School as the school was closed to students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During these visits, Talley told the victim to enter a large container of black and yellow Sterilite and then carry the container on a cart to his classroom. Then he would close and lock his classroom door so that no one else in the building could see him. Talley told police that he made these arrangements without the victim’s knowledge and even placed a tag inside the trash that read “I hope your box is comfortable.”

Detectives discovered that the victim had been repeatedly touched inappropriately by Talley

Detectives discovered that Talley had repeatedly touched the victim inappropriately, after touching the inside of her thigh and rubbing her leg. The victim was uncomfortable, worried that something sexual might happen and did not want to be in that environment with Talley. Until the investigation, Talley hadn’t told anyone to put the victim in a trash can and roll him around his classroom. He told detectives that he “does not believe that a girl [her age] can consent or even choose to be thrown away and taken to her classroom.”

According to the documents, Talley had considered partnering with the victim, but knew she would have to wait several years before it came to this. He told detectives that he loved the victim, and multiple emails, text messages and video messages were found with Talley telling the victim that he loved and missed him and wanted to talk to and see her every day.

Talley also told detectives that he was having anxiety and panic attacks and that he would be contacting several young girls to see if they could talk to him and help him overcome his anxiety attacks. He has talked to girls who also have anxiety, depression or other problems that he knows about. He wouldn’t talk to some girls about personal problems if they didn’t have problems that he knew about. Detectives tracked down several young girls Talley had contacted over the past few months about their depression and marital problems.

Talley admitted to detectives that he “realizes that he needs validation” from the students and “feeds on it.” When the school closed due to the pandemic, Talley struggled not to get him “validation,” so he began talking to the victim every day Monday through Friday. Talley was aware that he went beyond his role as teacher, but viewed his interactions with the victim as “a type of therapy.”

The victim’s mother told Talley to stop communicating with her daughter in June, which he acknowledged, but continued to text the victim anyway, according to the PC statement. He told detectives that the parents of his other victims also told him to stop talking to their daughters.

Talley played down and lied about aspects of the case when questioned by detectives, and initially denied having had contact with students outside of the school setting. Detectives are investigating other cases that will be related to Talley.

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