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Who is Luay Sako?(Unemployed loner, 35, accused of stabbing a young woman, 23, to death wants Victorian taxpayers to fund a SECOND mental health assessment ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Murder,Charged,Family,Facebook,Death, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Luay Sako

Luay Sako Wiki

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Who is Luay Sako ?

A man accused of the gruesome stabbing murder of a young graduate seeks a second opinion after an inconclusive assessment of his mental state.

Luay Nader Sako of Roxburgh Park, appeared in Melbourne Magistrates Court via video link last month, where she pleaded guilty to the brutal stabbing murder of Celeste Manno.wikipedia

Sako made the plea at the time in anticipation that a forensic psychiatrist would support a claim that he was not capable of committing the crime due to his poor mental health.

How old is Luay Sako ?

She is 36 year old.


The 35-year-old allegedly smashed his former colleague’s window at his family’s home in Mernda, northeast Melbourne, before repeatedly stabbing her with a knife while lying in bed in November last year.

Later, he allegedly fled over a fence that was stained with blood.

Sako turned himself in to local police hours later and was taken to hospital under police surveillance and treated for a hand injury that required surgery.

On Tuesday, Sako’s attorney, Sam Norton, of Stary Norton Halphen, told the Victoria Supreme Court that his client’s initial medical evaluation was inconclusive.

“This is a very complex situation in terms of Mr. Sako’s mental health,” he said.

“That evaluator has indicated that, in his opinion, a new opinion should be obtained.”

Sako is now waiting to be evaluated by high-profile forensic psychiatrist Dr. Andrew Carroll, who examined Bourke Street killer James ‘Dimitrious’ Gargasoulas’s fitness to stand trial.

Norton told the court that he expected Victorian Legal Aid to fund not only Dr. Carroll’s services, but his own as well.

“ There is still a problem regarding funding and in that context, I would ask that the matter be postponed … please be frank about it, Your Honor, so that some pressure can be put on Legal Aid for a decision. relative to the matters, ‘he said.wikipedia

“I have some concerns in the absence of that report being funded on funding for the issue in general.”


At Sako’s first court hearing in November, one of many he refused to attend in person, the court heard that Sako had no mental health problems and was not taking any medication at the time his victim was allegedly killed. 23 years old.

Sako had been released to live in the community at the time of the alleged murder after being accused of violating a restraining order.

Ms. Manno was Sako’s team leader at a Serco call center in South Morang and comforted him when she left the company a year earlier.

Sako’s family was devastated by his arrest and he said they didn’t know much about what he had been up to at the time.

He had been unemployed and lived in the house of his parents.

There was great grief over the shocking death of Ms. Manno, who was supposed to celebrate her birthday that week.

Ms. Manno’s boyfriend, Chris Ridsdale, was one of many family and friends who mourned the beloved young woman in the days after her death.

He was supposed to spend Christmas with our family. His family. The his mother. Her brothers, ” he said at the time.

Ridsdale revealed his enthusiasm for uploading the first photo of them as a couple to his social media profiles.

“We took this photo on Saturday this week,” he wrote.

We talked and joked about how this would be the first photo of us together on her social media and she was so excited to share it with everyone.

“They told me, very clearly, that this was going to be my new profile picture.”

Ridsdale said that he rarely uses his social media accounts, but uploaded it as a special tribute to Ms. Manno.

Now it seems like the best I can do for her. To show everyone how much she meant to me and how beautiful she was, ” he said.


In the weeks following Ms Manno’s death, the Melbourne woman’s father, Courtney Herron, backed his family’s calls for an immediate change in Victoria’s justice system.

John Herron told Daily Mail Australia that the Victorian government needed to take immediate action to end violence against women.

Ms. Manno’s death has brought back disturbing memories for Mr. Herron of the day his daughter was murdered.

In May 2019, Courtney was beaten to death in a Melbourne park in the most horrible manner.

Her killer, Henry Hammond, was later found not guilty by a judge who accepted that he was mentally disabled at the time.

“The heart of our family sinks at the life of another brutally interrupted young woman,” Herron told Daily Mail Australia.

“It appears to be a never-ending cycle and yet the authorities are doing very little to address the situation.”

Ms. Manno’s father, Tony Manno, said the court system had let his daughter down.

“He Disappointed my daughter,” he said. And you have to change it. She won’t bring her back, but she has to be changed.

Jayden Manno expressed similar concerns about Victoria’s revolving door justice system.

He is heartbreaking. What a foolish act, ” Jayden said.

‘It should never have happened to our family, not to anyone’s family. This can’t happen. ‘

Luay Sako Quick and Facts

  • Luay Sako was charged with the murder of Melbourne woman Celeste Manno
  • His lawyer previously told court he did not have any prior mental health issues 
  • The 35-year-old is alleged to have broken into her home and stabbed her 
  • He faced the Supreme Court of Victoria on Tuesday from his prison cell 
  • Court heard Sako wants a second medical opinion in his bid to escape justice 

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