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Breaking: Louis Shenker Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Louis Shenker Wiki – Biography Louis Shenker

Louis Shenker is a far-right conspiracy theorist who is being wanted by police in connection with a fake bomb planted in a car outside a Queens, New York shopping mall.

According to NBC News, the Tesla car had a husky dog ​​inside and professional Black Lives Matter posters. Law enforcement sources told NBC News they were investigating whether the motive discredited the Black Lives Matter movement.

Shenker has a long history of right wing agitation.


He has sold conspiracy theories about the election and COVID-19 online and in InfoWars webcasts. “The Communist Party has been planning the destruction of the United States of America for more than 100 years. The year 2020 is when they make their final move, ”he wrote on Facebook.

On social media, he touted his support for President Donald Trump. His main Facebook post is a part of Trump’s Christmas message. His cover photo reads: “We the people.” He wrote about Trump: “I will not allow the cowards in the Senate to keep stabbing our Caesar.” He also repeatedly shared Trump’s posts on voter fraud.

In June 2020, the conservative outlet, The American Spectator, wrote an article on Shenker titled “The university targets its own student for ‘white supremacy.’

The article stated: “Campus professors, administrators, and graduate student instructors publicly defamed UMass Amherst student Louis Shenker as a dangerous racist and falsely accused him of hate crimes to get him expelled from school, alleging that his “Opinions are not what we want to cultivate in the University ‘”.

According to the story, Shenker “is a Jew, a Conservative, a Frankish Zionist and a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump. Shenker vigorously defends his political views. ”

The article claims that Shenker, in 2018, attended a UMass Amherst rally “hosted by radical graduate students to protest racism and white supremacy,” while wearing a MAGA cap and a poster in support of President Trump.

The story goes that he was “harassed, pushed” and prevented from displaying his poster. That story says that he is the grandson of the Holocaust victims and that a graduate student teacher “snatched his hat.”

He reported the incident to campus police, who determined that he was the victim of “theft, assault and battery motivated by prejudice against whites and Jews.”

According to NBC news, Shenker was already charged with arson and arrested the week before the bomb hoax.

News4 reported through sources that Shenker “was arrested twice last week, once for allegedly burning a poster related to Black Lives Matter and the other for making a separate threat.”

Shenker’s Twitter page has been suspended.

The video above captures him allegedly calling a woman, while saying that he will contact InfoWars and Alex Jones. “We have an anti-Semitic dog here,” he says in the video.

Louis Shenker – Groyper, right-wing stalker and con man – started a pop-up occupation made for TV last night under the guise of an anti-lockdown and anti-DeBlasio “Hanukkah Rave,” displacing the #BLM vigil at Carl Shurz Station after more than 190 days, all with the blessing of the NYPD. pic.twitter.com/DhKYjitQp

Louis Shenker Age

Louis Shenker is 22 years old.

Police statement

Police released a photo of the hoax device, which you can see above.

Deputy Commissioner John Miller said at a news conference that police received a call at 7:38 a.m. January 4 from the Queens Center Mall about a suspicious vehicle. He said propane tanks and cables were sticking out of the vehicle.

Police “began to cover the area and evacuate the surrounding area,” he said, adding that the Fire Department also responded and helped evacuate a wide area.

Members of the bomb squad donned protective gear and “evaluated what appeared to be a possible explosive device.” Miller said this was a “painstaking and painstaking process that takes some time.” He said they were finally able to “clear this vehicle and determine that it was not an explosive device, although from their experience it appeared to be.”

The vehicle was “insured, returning the mall and businesses to normal operations.”

“The bomb squad has determined this to be a hoax,” Miller said.

Avoid the Queens Place Mall area due to a suspicious package. Expect delays if you travel around. Update to follow. pic.twitter.com/Os8X62Q6s8

that the Fire Department received a response from a single unit to go to the parking lot for a vehicle with smoke leaks. They determined that it was a suspicious vehicle and immediately began to evacuate the mall.

The New York Police Department wrote on Twitter on January 4: “Avoid the Queens Place Mall area due to a s


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