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Breaking: Lori Wickelhaus Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lori Wickelhaus Wiki Bio

A pregnant 16-year-old star is in legal trouble. According to Fox 19, Lori Wickelhaus has been charged with 20 counts of possession or viewing of material depicting a sexual performance of a minor. Campbell County Police have been searching for her electronic devices since March. Wickelhaus, 28, was indicted on Aug. 13, 2020. She has since been released on a $ 10,000 bond, Local 12 reported. No details have been released about what exactly was found on her computer and cell phone. . Wickelhaus is due to return to Campbell County Court on September 8, 2020.

In the second season, the Wickelhaus episode focused on her passage through the adoption process of her son during her junior year of high school. In her episode, she welcomed her son Aidan Elliot Benson with her then-boyfriend Cory Haskett in 2009. According to People, she chose to do an open adoption and stayed in touch with the family that adopted Aidan. Wickelhaus, who was also adopted, said the decision was difficult, but after the adoption ceremony, she felt good about her decision.

Lori Wickelhaus unbreakable bond

“I felt an unbreakable bond,” she told People. “Quitting wasn’t difficult, because I knew it wouldn’t be forever.”

The article said the Kentucky native had plans to attend Cincinnati State University.

She later had two children with her ex-fiancé Joey Amos, Rylynn Jo Amos in 2013 according to Hollywood Life, and her son Logan in 2014, according to Fandom.

 Lori Wickelhaus Has Been Arrested Before


This isn’t the first time the former reality TV star has been arrested. In Touch Weekly reported that she was arrested in 2018 and charged with “robbery by deception, including bad checks and failure to appear” in court. She was arrested that same week for failing to appear in court on these charges.

Wickelhaus was in a “downward spiral” after the adoption of her son
Making the Change: Lori’s Story At the age of 17, Lori Wickelhaus found herself pregnant and became a reality star, all while attending a Catholic girls’ school in northern Kentucky. After her adoption and graduating from high school, Wickelhaus fell into a depression: she made bad decisions in life and joined the ‘wrong people’. After deciding to actually make a change, she found herself living in Davis, WV at Q&A Associates, a transitional program for young adults. Q&A uses nature therapy and equine-based learning to help clients adjust to independent living.2012-12-13T23: 39: 32Z

In 2012, Wickelhaus enrolled in a young adult transition program called Q&A Associates, The Sun reported. In a video interview, she talked about hitting rock bottom after her first child was adopted.

“Before I got here I was in a downward spiral,” she said in the video above. “I had no dreams, I had no goals, I didn’t care what happened from day to day. I’d wake up and go back to bed. There was nothing to get up and work for. Now I have everything to work for. ”

She also said that the relationship between her and her mother was unstable at the time and that “they couldn’t be in the same house for more than an hour without fighting and arguing.” Wickelhaus said she also had a hard time accepting that her son had been adopted.

“After my pregnancy, I found myself in a difficult situation. I really couldn’t forget that I had done an open adoption with my son. I was not working. I stopped going to school. I knew I needed a change. ”

While enrolled in the program, she gained a more optimistic outlook on life.

“I see a good race. A family, a nice house and a couple of animals. I really have a big dream for myself, so I plan to achieve it.


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