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Breaking: Lionel Desmond Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lionel Desmond

Lionel Desmond Wiki

                                  Lionel Desmond Biography

Lionel Desmond, 33, shot and killed his wife Shanna, his 10-year-old daughter Aaliyah and their mother, Brenda, and then himself in the town of Upper Big Tracadie on January 3, 2017.

The triple murder-suicide that rocked Nova Scotia four years ago is now the subject of a broad provincial death investigation, which resumed this week after an 11-month hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Desmond toured Afghanistan in 2007 and was diagnosed with PTSD.

He was one of eight soldiers in his battalion who died by suicide in the wake of the tour, according to retired Corporal Orlando Trotter.Desmond’s former comrade and friend Orlando Trotter (pictured) argued that his battalion was psychologically unprepared for the realities of war.

Trotter told the investigation this week that he met and befriended Desmond during training with the Royal Canadian Regiment’s 2nd Battalion in 2005, CBC reported.

He maintained that his combat training did nothing to prepare them psychologically for the grim realities of war, including hearing constant gunfire, shooting at humans and seeing corpses. He also argued that Desmond, whom he affectionately described as “goofy,” funny, and gentle, did not have the right temperament to be in a war zone.

“You take someone like him and you put him in a war zone and [you say]” Take this rifle and that guy over there? Shoot him, “Trotter testified. I’d say he destroyed it. You have to have a certain type of personality to go into battle, and he wasn’t one of those guys.

He added that Desmond, whose world revolved around family values ​​and humor, would have been far more suited to building schools than engaging Taliban fighters in shootings on a daily basis.

Family members said in an investigation in Nova Scotia that Desmond received little to no help from the military and Veterans Affairs while struggling with mental health issues.

Desmond’s relatives told the investigation that he largely avoided talking about his experiences during the war, but mentioned seeing dead bodies and having to collect body parts from the battlefield, according to Global News.

Both Desmond’s sister, Chantel, and Trotter, her friend from her military, argued that she did not receive the psychiatric care she needed from Veterans Affairs in a timely manner. It wasn’t until November 2016, four months after he left the Montreal treatment program, that a counselor was assigned to him.

During that four-month interval, the investigation learned that the veteran received no treatment for his PTSD.

By then, Chantel told the investigation that her brother seemed more distant, stopped shaving and was wearing camouflage clothing.

Her older sister, Diane, testified that her former fun-loving brother had grown to fear loud noises and was easily agitated.

“He was not the Lionel I knew,” she told authorities.

Desmond’s family members argued that the military offered him little or no help with his transition to civilian life and his serious mental health problems.

On January 3, 2017, Desmond bought a semi-automatic rifle and killed everyone in his house.

Her sister Chantel described in graphic detail the moment she entered her brother’s home that night and found her niece, dressed in a tank top and pajama bottoms, lying in a pool of blood. , Atlantic CTV reported.

She then she looked and saw her brother with a hole in his face.

“It ruined my life,” she said through tears. I can still smell the blood.

The purpose of the investigation is to allow witnesses to make recommendations to the province on policy changes related to mental health and domestic violence in an effort to prevent future tragedies.


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