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What You Don’t Know About The South African “Zulu” Prince: Lindani Myeni’s Wiki, Bio, Age,Net Worth, Family, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lindani Myeni

Lindani Myeni Wiki

                                                  Lindani Myeni Biography

Who was Lindani Myeni?

Lindani Myeni was a South Africa Idol contestant and Zulu “prince” who was shot and killed by police in Hawaii after he allegedly charged officers responding to a 911 call claiming that he had followed a woman home. of the. He was a married father of two from the Zulu Kingdom in South Africa.

Myeni was shot and killed Wednesday night by Honolulu police officers during an apparent burglary incident in the Nuuanu neighborhood.

Police said Myeni, who lived near him, followed a woman to his house, took off her shoes and displayed “strange” behavior.

How old was Lindani Myeni?

Lindani Myeni was 29 years old at the time of his death.

Lindani Myeni Wife

Myeni and his wife met six years ago when she was on a Christian mission in the country. They lived in South Africa for three years before moving to the US and then moving to Hawaii in January.

Myeni was supposed to have her green card interview next week, his wife said.

“We dated, got engaged and married before he came to America,” Lindsay told Hawaii News Now. “He never wanted to come to the United States. It was never something that interested him. He loves people about him. He is from the Zulu tribe. He speak Zulu. ”

Myeni’s wife, Lindsay Myeni, who was born in the U.S. But she met her husband while in missionary work in South Africa, she told Hawaii News Now that she doesn’t know what led him to visit the home. However, she dismissed the claims that it was a robbery.

Myeni is from the Zulu Kingdom, where it is customary for people to visit “anyone’s house,” she told the outlet.

Lindsay said her husband was heading to the house they shared with her two children, just down the street from the now crime scene.

Lindani Myeni Hawaii

Myeni, who is black, allegedly assaulted the three police officers who arrived at the scene and the police chief said that “his lives were in danger”, before the policemen shot him four times. A police officer was hospitalized with severe facial injuries and concussion after the incident.

But Myeni’s family has questioned this version of events, and his American wife said that she was not a violent person. However, Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard said Thursday that Myeni appears to have arrived at the property by car before he allegedly followed the woman to her home.

Once inside her, she sat down, took off her shoes, and was trying to talk to the owners, she said.

Ballard said the first officer arrived at the scene and the owner identified a man, later revealed to be Myeni, sitting in a vehicle outside as the person who had entered her home. At this point, Myeni got out of his car and started walking towards the second officer who had arrived on the scene.

Ballard said officers told Myeni to stop and drop to the ground.

Instead, Myeni “turned and charged” one of the policemen and hit him multiple times, she said.

Lindani Myeni Death

Myeni then allegedly ran towards the first officer who fired a single shot at her. Ballard said the shot did not stop the Myeni, who knocked the officer to the ground, straddled him and struck him repeatedly. At this point, the second policeman fired three rounds at Myeni, who fell to the ground, police said.

Myeni was transferred to Queen’s Medical Center in critical condition, where he later died from his injuries.

Lindani Myeni Video

The published clips show three shots before an officer says “police”. Police said Myeni, who is black, “charged” at two officers and a third officer arrived and tasted him before the shots were fired.

Acting Deputy Chief Allan Nagata acknowledged that the police did not initially identify himself, but said: “They were fighting for their lives. They were very brave. The firearm was not fired or fired immediately. This was not a case of overreaction. ”


“They didn’t identify themselves, but hey, let’s be honest. They’re in uniform, right? They come there with the police cars. Although it is dark, it is quite light. ‘ that the officer briefly lost consciousness, Nagata said.

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