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Breaking: Lily James Rebecca Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lily James Rebecca Wiki – Biography of Lily James Rebecca

Lily James flirted with Armie Hammer while the two were filming the upcoming Netflix movie Rebecca last June in England. He was happily married to his wife Elizabeth Chambers.

Lily James Rebecca facts you should know

Lily James, 31, caused a media storm when she was photographed in a passionate embrace with her married co-star Dominic West earlier this month.
But West is not the only married man with whom the actress has been linked; his name has also been linked to that of his Rebecca co-star, Armie Hammer.
Hammer, 34, a father of two young children, was happily married to Elizabeth Chambers.
Sources close to Hammer and his wife tell DailyMail.com that their marriage collapsed in the fall of 2019 after filming Rebecca.
Elizabeth Chambers, Hammer’s wife, found gripping texts and letters from a mysterious woman who signed herself “Adeline.”
James was referred to as Adeline on the film’s call sheets and in its trailer, sources claim.
Hammer and his wife went to therapy to try to save their marriage
But when Covid struck in March and the family was quarantined in the Cayman Islands, Hammer couldn’t take the locked rooms and left.
He accidentally sent a sexually explicit text message intended for another woman to Chambers, which was the last straw for him; the couple filed for divorce in July

Lily James with Armie Hammer Rebecca Netflix series

Dominic West isn’t the only married man Lily James has found his name intertwined with.

Sources close to Rebecca’s co-star Armie Hammer and his wife say their marriage plummeted in the fall of 2019 after she found passionate texts and letters from a mystery woman signing herself as “Adeline.”

Adeline’s true identity is a mystery. But interestingly enough, around the same time as the apparent flirtation, Armie was filming the movie Rebecca, released on Netflix on Wednesday, with her co-star Lily James.

It was Lily’s intimate breakup with her new co-star Dominic West in Rome this week that became the subject of frenzied international speculation after they were photographed in several compromising rivets.

And, while her character as Mrs. De Winter in Daphne du Maurier’s adaptation of the classic novel does not have a first name, James was mentioned as Adeline in the film’s call sheets and in its trailer, sources claim.

Adeline is also the name of a character from another Du Maurier novel, Hungry Hill.

This week, sources on set told the Mail that Lily James appeared to be flirting with her then very married co-star Hammer, even though she knew the father of two was happily married to 38-year-old Elizabeth Chambers.

By then, the former Downton James star’s relationship with her longtime boyfriend, actor Matt Smith, 37, had cooled off, and viewers said the beauty seemed to be “in love” with Hammer from the moment. you saw it.

A source said: “She wasn’t subtle. And she certainly liked him. She was constantly touching him, giving him long, fierce looks.

They added: “While filming, she decided to spend weeks in the English countryside rather than see her family again, who were also in the UK. All of this is very typical of him. ”

Things finally fell apart when Chambers discovered passionate messages between Hammer and the woman who called herself Adeline, the source said. Hammer also had a number stored on her phone with the same name.

Chambers was “devastated”, causing a downward spiral that ended with Hammer and Chambers jointly announcing that they were getting divorced after 10 years of marriage in July.

Hammer and James began filming the Netflix adaptation of the gothic novel Rebecca in the UK in June 2019, filming in Devon, Dorset and Hertfordshire.

When filming ended in August, Hammer and his family returned to Los Angeles, but he returned to London alone weeks later.

After his return to Los Angeles, things really reached a point of no return, after Chambers discovered messages between Armie and “Adeline,” the source said.

“Elizabeth was devastated, heartbroken,” they explained.

“But they spent 13 wonderful years together. She wasn’t about to get rid of her marriage because of an indiscretion.

‘She is an amazing woman. She doesn’t deserve this. You couldn’t ask for a more impressive devoted wife and she’s a great mother to her two little ones. ”

Chambers decided to put up with and work with Hammer on his marriage, including attending couples therapy. They had plans to renew their vows.

Chambers and Hammer were in the middle of their therapy when Covid-19 struck in mid-March. In

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