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Who is Lillian Bradford?(How a young Aussie woman thought she owed just $300 to Afterpay when she was actually thousands in debt ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Net Worth,TikToker, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lillian Bradford

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Who is Lillian Bradford ?

A social media influencer shared how she racked up more than $ 2,000 in debt to Afterpay after forgetting how much she had spent with the short-term lender.

TikToker Lillian Bradford shared a screenshot of her total debt to the Buy, Now Pay Later service, leaving her needing to pay $ 2,093.17 in 60 days to avoid late fees.

“I was under the impression that she only owed a maximum of $ 300 in Afterpay,” she said.

She said that although she had saved more than enough to repay the money and that she does not realize when refunds are deducted from her bank account.


Referring to the video of her in his own feed, Perth-based mortgage broker Robert Roper said that a growing number of Australians were putting their future homeownership prospects at risk by regularly shopping through Afterpay. .

Ms Bradford shared how she needed to pay $2,093.17 in 60 days

Like a credit card, the popular loan service allows users to pay for items in interest-free installments as long as they make repayments on time.

But Roper said Australians need to know how using the service affects their credit score and their chances of obtaining a home loan in the future.

“Lately I’ve been inundated with clients who are in this same position,” she said in a clip on the video-sharing website.

‘People are becoming desensitized to how much they are running through Afterpay instead of paying upfront.

“But what many users don’t realize is the negative impact it can have on their credit score.”

He said the credit reporting agencies view Afterpay as “bad credit” because it can show that the person applying for the loan is living beyond their means.

Mr Roper said in a TikTok video Australians should be aware how the service affects their credit score

“Otherwise, why wouldn’t you pay something upfront?” he said.

“If his credit score falls below 620, [the lender] could decline his home loan.”

Commenters in their video said that lenders had even asked them to close their accounts with buy now, pay later services before approving a home loan application.

“They had my partner close his ZipPay and provide proof,” wrote one person.

“I had an active AfterPay purchase and the bank called me and asked if I could pay for it before the documents were shipped,” said another.

Tax broker H&R Block CEO Brodie Dixon previously told Daily Mail Australia that a bad credit rating, from being too in debt, was a sure way to miss out on a home loan.

He had a message for “the younger demographic, especially those who use credit cards and buy now, pay later.”wikipedia

“What many young people don’t realize is that defaults on these payments can affect their credit scores,” he said.

“This can have lasting effects on your ability to be approved for loans in the future.”

Leading lenders, including banks, rely on data from consumer credit-checking firms Experian and Equifax to obtain individual credit scores to determine whether someone’s daily spending habits would make them a potential risk of debt.

Average Purchase

An Afterpay spokeswoman said the service should not affect customers’ credit scores.

‘Your credit score can be affected when someone performs a credit check on you or if it is reported that you are paying your debts late; At Afterpay, we never check credit or report late payments, ”the spokeswoman said.

‘We do not believe that failing an Afterpay payment should result in a bad credit history, especially when the average purchase is only $ 150.

“Unfortunately, we have heard stories from our clients that some banks or mortgage brokers tell people that using Afterpay affects their ability to obtain a home loan, but again, this is not true.”

Lillian Bradford Quick and Facts

  • Social media influencer has told how she racked up more than $2,000 in debt
  • TikToker Lillian Bradford said she owed $2,093.17 to buy now, pay later lender
  • ‘I was fully under the impression that I only owed maybe $300 max,’ she said
  • Mortgage broker Robert Roper said Aussies ‘desensitised’ to using Afterpay 
  • Warned users they could be denied a home loan if their debt is too high

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