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Breaking: Lex Darne Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lex Darne

Lex Darne Wiki

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A bodybuilder died after injecting himself with steroids that he illegally purchased over the Internet, just weeks after becoming the father of a baby for the first time, according to an investigation.

Gym owner Lex Darne, 27, moved to the UK from South Africa in January last year, conducting workouts in his garden after the Covid-19 national lockdown was introduced.

Later, the father of one asked a doctor to treat him with testosterone, but was denied a prescription and instead turned to the Internet to buy illegal drugs to improve the body.

The married man, who suffered from low self-esteem, welcomed his first child, a son, on May 10 last year, just six weeks before his tragic death, a coroner heard.

Bodybuilder Lex Darne died after injecting steroids he bought illegally over the internet.

As a child born in Durban, South Africa, Lex enjoyed motocross until he had a terrible accident that damaged the glands in his neck.

After becoming a personal trainer, he became ‘secretive’ about the drugs he was taking for his injury, keeping them out of sight of his mother Barbara Darne.

Two weeks before he was rushed to hospital in the UK, Barbara said in the investigation that she had noticed that his face looked ‘swollen’ and that she was struggling to breathe. The investigation heard that he had a very enlarged heart.

She told the investigation in Woking, Surrey, in a statement: ‘Lex complained of breathing difficulties for some time before he took him to the hospital.

“ I was upset because I told him I was causing him more stress, but he was just lashing out.

Cause Of Death

“ He knew he had to go, he felt bad and his heart was beating fast. However, he was afraid to go in alone.

“ He wanted me to go with him, he did not want to go alone to the Covid-19 pavilion. I last saw him at 8pm, I told him I loved him. ‘

She added: ‘We were later surprised to see all the medicines he had stored. With his medical history, he shouldn’t have been using all of that.

“ Despite all of his weaknesses, I know he was just trying to feel good. ”

Lex was admitted to the emergency department at Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford feeling dizzy, sweaty and with chest discomfort.

Dr Roselle Herring, who treated Lex, said: ‘He explained that he was originally from South Africa, that he could not get medicines in the UK and therefore he bought medicines over the internet.

He “he was self-administering and injecting testosterone and had started taking his sister’s medication for anxiety.”

The married man, who suffered from low self esteem, welcomed his first child – a son – on May 10 last year, just six weeks before his tragic death, a coroner heard

The coroner heard that in the early morning of June 29 last year, Lex suffered a cardiac arrhythmia and, despite the best efforts of doctors to resuscitate him, the new father was pronounced dead at 4:56 a.m.

After his death, the police raided his Guildford home and discovered more than half a dozen different types of body-enhancing drugs, including a pack of syringes and needles, that had not been prescribed by the GP. of the.

Dr Simon de Lusignan confirmed that just four months before his death, Lex had visited Woodbridge Hill surgery in Guildford, requesting regular testosterone treatment.

He said: ‘The last contact we had with Lex was on March 2, I was worried about his bad mood.

“ He wanted to get regular testosterone treatment as in South Africa they were monitoring his testosterone levels. However, the GP explained that we did not do it without a clear prescription. ”

Unable to obtain testosterone from doctors in the UK, Lex turned to the internet to buy ‘illicit’ drugs, the coroner was told.

Pathologist Dr. Olaf Biedrzcki confirmed that Lex had an ‘abnormally enlarged heart’ and concluded that he had died from multiple organ failure and acute endocrine disruption in a person with critical arterial disease.

Surrey’s Assistant Medical Examiner Dr Karen Henderson said: ‘Lex Darne had significant underlying heart disease but was taking bodybuilding medications, including steroids and thyroid hormones, illicitly purchased over the internet and not provided by his GP.

“ He had a long history of misusing body-enhancing drugs.

‘He was taken to the hospital on June 28 due to the illicit use of drugs for the development of the body. They have contributed to his death.

“Before these drugs, he would not have died when he did, even though he had significant coronary disease.”

The coroner concluded that Lex, owner of the Iron Lion gym in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, had died of natural causes, but illicit bodybuilding drug use contributed to his death.

Raising money in memory of his son, Barbara: ‘My son, Lex sadly passed away recently. He was a very special soul with a big heart, especially when it came to animals.

“ He was closely affiliated with the SPCA on the Garden Route, where his beloved dog, Apollo, was adopted and he hoped one day would have a house large enough to rescue many dogs.

Lex Darne Quicks And Facts

  • Lex Darne, who moved to the UK from South Africa last year, begged a doctor for for testosterone treatment but he was denied a prescription
  • The father-of-one instead bought illegal body-enhancing drugs from the internet
  • Two weeks before he was rushed to hospital and died, his mother said his face was looking ‘puffy’ and he was struggling to breathe  

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