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Who is Lewis Skelton?(Axeman, 31, shot dead by police in a city centre after Tasers had no effect WAS unlawfully killed ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Shot,Death,Investigation,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lewis Skelton

Lewis Skelton Wiki

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Who was Lewis Skelton ?

A man who was shot to death by police while carrying an ax in the city center was illegally murdered, an investigative jury concluded.

Lewis Skelton, 31, was shot twice to death by a police officer when tasers failed, the Hull Coroner’s Court jury heard during five weeks of testing.

The investigation heard how Mr. Skelton was shot in Hull after he failed to respond to officers’ instructions to stop.

The jury was told that Humberside police received three calls to 999 on November 29, 2016, saying a man was walking down Holderness Road with an ax.wikipedia

Armed police were deployed and two officers caught up with him at Caroline Place.

The officer who fired the fatal shots, identified only as B50, described how Skelton did not stop when challenged and the use of Taser four times by both him and his colleague, identified only as Charlie, had no effect.

Skelton, who had mental health problems, was shot twice in the back with a Glock pistol.


The officer said that he shot Mr. Skelton because he believed he was a threat to the life of a group of workers who were approaching him on the street.

Humberside Deputy Chief of Police Chris Noble said: “We are disappointed with this conclusion and concerned that it does not undermine the confidence of officers to act decisively by making split-second decisions to protect the public.

‘Prior to this verdict, the IOPC in its independent investigation found that the actions taken by our officers that day, in what was a complex and challenging situation that required rapid decision-making, were commensurate with the risk that was identified for members. from the public.

“Following a change in the law last year, such findings are no longer evaluated in forensic courts to the higher standards that they used to be.


Furthermore, the jury had to make its decision in very different circumstances than those faced by the officers that day.

Our officers responded to four calls to 999 to a man armed and waving a drawn ax marching toward the center of town and who did not stop despite four attempts to Taser him.wikipedia

‘In light of the full and independent investigation by the IOPC, which reached very different conclusions than the jury, in that they found that no police officer had committed a criminal offense or had behaved in a manner that would justify a criminal offense. disciplinary process, now we await further instructions from the IOPC.


‘Our thoughts remain with Lewis’s family and friends, and the officers involved in this sad and tragic event.

“We hope that today has brought you a closure to the events of November 29, 2016.”

In a statement, Skelton’s family said: “The jury has confirmed what we all knew, Lewis’s murder was wrong and illegal and he should still be with us today.”

The family added: ‘There was nothing to suggest that Lewis was aggressive or a danger to anyone that day.

‘He was confused and scared. The final moments of him must have been one of terror and fear, and that is very difficult for us as a family to know. ”

Skelton’s relatives criticized reports at the time that he was “an ax maniac” and “wielded the ax.”

They said: ‘Everyone who has seen and heard the evidence during this investigation will have realized that those descriptions of Lewis on that day could not have been further from the truth.

“We are grateful to the jurors who recognized that the wrong people were Humberside police officers and not Lewis.”

The statement concluded: ‘What happened to Lewis has shattered our family and broken all of our hearts, affecting each and every one of us in unique and different ways.

Lewis needed help, but they killed him. He should never have taken it off her.

Lewis Skelton Quick and Facts

  • Lewis Skelton, 31, was shot twice in the back by a police officer in Hull, jury hears
  • The inquest was told how he failed to respond to officers’ instructions to stop
  • Officer who shot the man believed he was threat to lives of group of workmen
  • In a statement, Mr Skelton’s family said: ‘Lewis needed help but he was killed’

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