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Who is Levi Karlsen?(Levi Karlsen’s Cause of Death: How Karl Karlsen Murdered His Son ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Levi Karlsen

Levi Karlsen Wiki

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Who was Levi Karlsen?

The death of Levi Karlsen stumped investigators. Years would pass between the time he was buried in his grave in 2008 and the day his murder was solved. Karlsen was only 23 years old and left two daughters.

Karlsen survived a fire as a child that killed his mother, Christina Karlsen, which was set up by his father, Karl Karlsen, as a way to collect insurance money, police said on ABC 20/20. Seventeen years later, Karl Karlsen needed another payment and decided to kill his son in a murder he staged to look like an accident, police said.

It was, in part, Karl Karlsen’s second wife, Cindy Best, who helped investigators close the case. She videotaped her husband confessing to killing her son, investigators said.

This is what you need to know:

Karl Karlsen raised $ 700,000 in insurance money for Levi’s daughters after he was crushed to death under a truck on the family farm in 2008.

Investigators in Seneca County, New York, reopened the investigation into Levi Karlsen’s death after one of his cousins ​​contacted authorities, according to Calavera Enterprise.

“You might want to check it out. Something’s not right with that,” Seneca County Sheriff’s Office Investigator John Cleere recalled the cousin saying, according to the newspaper article.

He admitted to Cleere that he had taken out life insurance policies for his wife and his young children only months before the fire, according to the article. He said that he “went through the glove” by taking out the insurance policies, according to the article.

“You know how some people go through life and everything that can go wrong goes wrong?” Karlsen told police, according to the Enterprise.wikipedia

How old was Levi Karlsen?

He was 23 year old.


Karl Karlsen gave investigators multiple versions of the story to explain how his son died, according to Syracuse.com. In an interview with police, he admitted to police that he moved the van his son was working on from the cats, resulting in the crushed death of Levi Karlsen, the newspaper reported. He said that he did not try to save him and let him die, the article says. But, he claimed, his actions were the result of panic and he claimed it was an accident, the article says.

“I came out of there as a child who threw a stone out a window and did not want to be caught,” Karlsen said in a video that was shown during a court hearing, according to the newspaper article.

Investigators alleged that Karl Karlsen encouraged his son to take out an insurance policy and, days later, convinced him to work under a truck with an unstable jack, according to the article.


After Levi Karlsen’s death was declared accidental, Karl Karlsen received an insurance payment of $ 700,000, which was intended for Levi Karlsen’s daughters, according to Calavera Enterprise.

Cleere questioned Karl Karlsen about a fire that killed his first wife, Christina Karlsen, 17 years before Levi Karlsen’s death, the article says. Karl Karlsen claimed that he heard his wife screaming and saved his son Levi by grabbing his hair and “kicking” him out of the house, the article says. The boy’s eyes were burned by a fireball, authorities said, according to the article. Karl Karlsen also saved his two daughters, but he was unable to save his wife, Karlsen told law enforcement, according to the article.

“It’s the girls’ money, but they gave it to me to give if they need braces (or) if they need glasses,” Karl Karlsen told authorities during an interview, Enterprise reported.

However, he told investigators that he had already spent most of the money, according to the article.

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