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Who is Leslie Winnister?(High-flying BT executive, 68, admits killing his wife, 66, at their £1.6m home ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Leslie Winnister

Leslie Winnister Wiki

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Who was Leslie Winnister?

A BT executive admitted to killing his wife at their £ 1.6 million London home after an alleged breakdown caused by the lockdown.

Leslie Winnister, 68, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter for diminishing responsibility of Suzanne Winnister, 66, in Bexley on the night of September 8 last year.

The victim was discovered by relatives at the couple’s home in Becketts Close and she was pronounced dead at the scene after police and paramedics arrived.

Winnister, who served as BT’s treasurer for 15 years and was registered as a director of the investment and property branches of the telecommunications giant, was later found in a nearby pub.

How old was Leslie Winnister?

She is 69 year old.

Cause of Death

A post-mortem examination revealed the cause of death as head and neck injuries.

Leslie Winnister, 69, denied a murder charge but pleaded guilty to manslaughter due to decreased responsibility.

At a guilty plea hearing Thursday, the defendant pleaded guilty to manslaughter on diminished liability grounds at the Old Bailey.

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Psychiatric reports from both the prosecution and the defense concluded that a defense of diminished liability was available, the court heard.

Winnister, who is being treated in the medium security unit at the Bracton Center in Dartford, was accompanied on the dock by two nurses.


The victim had previously had a career in banking, but was retired at the time of his death.

Judge Wendy Joseph QC commented that it was “a sad case.”

Listing the case for sentencing on June 25, Judge Joseph warned Winnister that the court had a wide range of options, from prison to a psychiatric hospital.

Several members of the Winnister family were sitting at court, as well as some friends.

Neighbors of the Winnister’s former £ 800,000 home near Bexley, which the couple still own, said Winnister had been under a lot of stress at work.

Police outside the couple’s home in Bexley

Retired sports marketing chief Perry Smith said: “He was a really nice guy and he worked long hours. Work caused him a lot of stress. When he came home, you would see that he was exhausted.

“Les and Sue were a very nice, respectful and friendly couple. He was short but had a rather dominant personality, the toughest of all. She was the boss. It is so tragic what happened, it is a great shock.

The last time I saw Les was a month ago. I asked him how he was doing and he said, ‘I’m fine, thank you.’

Locals said Ms Winnister, who retired from the city-based Standard Chartered bank a few years ago, was “always on the lookout for others.”

Leslie Winnister Quicks and Facts

  • Leslie Winnister pleaded guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility 
  • He killed his wife Suzanne Winnister at their home in Bexley on September 8  
  • Winnister is being treated at the Bracton centre medium secure unit in Dartford

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