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Who is Leonie Walner?(The Channel migrant welcomed to Britain and put up in an Ibis hotel, who stands accused of raping and murdering a 13-year-old girl in Vienna ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Leonie Walner

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Who is Leonie Walner ?

At a popular tourist haven in Vienna, the handsome Afghan refugee in a blue denim shirt and shorts poses by the side of a bridge overlooking river boats on the Danube canal.

The photo of him looking relaxed and confident was taken last summer, just weeks before he became the prime suspect in a crime that shocked Austria: the drug addiction, rape and suffocation of 13-year-old schoolgirl Leonie Walner, whose thin body was found. wrapped in a roll of carpet thrown under a tree in the center of Vienna.

Within hours of the terrible discovery, Rasuili Zubaidullah had escaped, dodging the Austrian police.

He fled hundreds of miles to Dunkirk in France, eluding a pan-European manhunt before boarding a smuggler’s ship across the English Channel to Britain.

Arriving in Dover, on the Kent coast, he misled immigration officials by applying for asylum under a false name and was accommodated by the Government at the Ibis hotel in Whitechapel, East London, which is used to house immigrants.

Next week, Zubaidullah, who celebrated his 23rd birthday in October

Following a tip from Austrian authorities, British police found him hiding in a hotel room at the end of July, just over a month after Leonie’s life was extinguished.

Next week, Zubaidullah, who celebrated his 23rd birthday in October, will face an extradition hearing in London when Austria demands his return to Vienna for questioning on what court documents claim to be the ‘murder’ of Leonie during the early hours of the morning. Saturday June 26 in a refugee apartment in the city.

The corpse of him mistreated him was found just 300 meters from the apartment by a passerby at 6.55 a.m. of that morning.

The Mail has seen the official records of Leonie’s autopsy, which include DNA samples linking her abused body to Zubaidullah and a group of young male refugees from her country living in Austria, as well as to the apartment and the carpet roll.

We have traced his way out of Austria through the city of Innsbruck and through Western Europe by train and bus as he escaped justice with one thing in mind: reaching the UK and evaporating into the overloaded asylum system.

He spoke about his plan to pay 3,000 pounds sterling to Kurdish smugglers to cross the English Channel.

This week in northern France, Afghans waiting to board ships to Britain remembered Zubaidullah, who entered a Dunkirk immigrant camp on July 8, 12 days after Leonie’s death.

“I shared a tent with him when he spent the night,” said Shinwari Kuchi, 35, a former Afghan soldier. He spoke about his plan to pay 3,000 pounds sterling to Kurdish smugglers to cross the English Channel. He was focused on Great Britain.

“I had just arrived when I met him in the charity food queue. He had no place to sleep, so I told him ‘come into my [tent]’. He didn’t talk much, but when I woke up in the morning he had disappeared. I never saw him again and he didn’t say he was running away. ”

Ten days later, on July 18, Zubaidullah managed to enter Britain under false pretenses on a smuggler’s boat.

He is one of nearly 27,000 migrants, most of them young men, of various nationalities and with backgrounds that often remain a mystery, who have sailed in rickety boats from the French coast this year and taken refuge here in hotels, hostels. and ex. Military camps.

Their massive arrival has raised security concerns because of the way criminals and those who try to harm us can come seeking asylum and go unnoticed.

Alp Mehmet, President of Migration Watch UK, said this week that the asylum system fails from the moment a boat carrying migrants reaches our shores.

“The Border Force has no way of verifying the identity or background of those who enter,” he said. “Immigrants routinely destroy their documents, give false names and there are so many young people that there is hardly time to interview them before they can enter Britain and be housed at the taxpayers’ expense.

“If you are a genuine refugee, why would you hide your identity or pretend to be someone you are not when you arrive after a difficult crossing of the Channel in search of refuge?”

But what about Zubaidullah? He has had multiple run-ins with the Viennese authorities, who say he was placed on Austria’s deportation list in October 2017 after arriving two years earlier as a teenager from Afghanistan and failing to provide an adequate reason for leaving his homeland.

He was one of more than 1.5 million migrants from the Middle East, Africa and South Asia who took the opportunity to move to the West after Angela Merkel, the then German Chancellor, opened the doors of her country to Syrians. fleeing the civil war.

But despite the deportation order on file with him, Zubaidullah was never expelled from Austria.

Just last year he was found guilty and sentenced to nine months in jail there for drug trafficking. Again, he was not forced to leave when he was released earlier this year.

He continued to live a life of easy pleasures, according to Vienna media reports, and was seen partying in the spring in the cafes and bars that line the Danube canal, and in nearby Prater, an amusement park with a giant ferris wheel.

The area attracts thousands of tourists, is a favorite hangout for young Viennese and has a reputation for using drugs and behaving like “anything goes”.

It was there, near the canal, that he and three other young Afghan refugees, ages 16 to 23, met young Leonie in the early hours of that Saturday in June.

Leonie was breaking the rules by being there. Melanie, her 40-year-old mother, a night shift nurse, and her paramedic father, her 39-year-old Hennes, had set her a curfew. She had been told that she would always return at 9:30 p.m. at her family home in Wiener Neustadt, 40 miles from Vienna.

The girl has been described by her distraught parents as a “free and rebellious spirit.” They say that she was kind and loved her pets, but family friends say that she was “naive and gullible” and that she liked bright lights and attention from men.

CCTV cameras

Leonie’s fate was sealed. Dark-haired and dressed in plaid pants and a T-shirt under a cream-colored sweater, CCTV cameras saw her meeting the group of Afghan refugees and then walking down a Vienna street.

One of the group was a 16-year-old who had entered Austria illegally through Romania in April this year.

He is believed to have been instrumental in persuading Leonie to come to the apartment, which is about three miles from the party area, around 2 a.m.

What happened in the next few hours with the lonely schoolgirl?

The reports on Leonie’s death that were prepared for the Vienna prosecutor say that she was raped several times and died “violently” from drug intoxication and asphyxia from pressure on the throat. She was administered what is described as a fatal overdose of 11 ecstasy tablets and she had smoked cannabis joints before experiencing “severe s*xual abuse” by several men.

At some point that night, as the drugs took their toll and the violent attacks on her continued, it is believed that her heart stopped.

The results of her DNA allegedly indicate that Rasuili Zubaidullah was in her apartment and that he and the other men s*xually assaulted Leonie, leaving her with significant bruises.

The Austrian government has promised to track down those implicated in the “barbaric” death of the girl.

EU Minister Karoline Edtstadler stated

After the nationalities of the suspects were revealed, the country’s EU Minister Karoline Edtstadler stated: “People who seek refuge in Austria but trample on our values ​​and express this in action have no place here.”

Unlike much of the rest of the European Union and Britain, Austria has said it will continue to deport Afghans who have not complied with their asylum claims, and send them back to the capital Kabul, despite the seizure. of the country by the Taliban.

Meanwhile, Leonie’s parents are filing an official complaint against Austria because the authorities did not deport the refugees who have not obtained asylum but who continue to live there freely.

In interviews with the Austrian media, her mother, Melanie, has expressed her bewilderment and pain at the fate of her son: “My little boy trusted a 16-year-old girl and that was the death sentence. her”.

She added: ‘Why were these people still in the country? Why weren’t they expelled? Where are the politicians in charge? We want to know that. ‘

These are tough questions that are unlikely to worry convicted drug lord Rasuili Zubaidullah when he appears via video link from a British prison at a provisional extradition hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court in London next Wednesday afternoon.

The final case to decide whether he will be sent back to Vienna is scheduled for January.

Extradition court documents state that Austria, meanwhile, will continue to fight to avoid being released to walk the streets of their country because he is expected to ‘escape’ and simply disappear.

That may be a consolation, at least, for Leonie’s grieving parents and the Austrian government. For the moment, at least.

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