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Who is Lena Hernandez Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth, Instagram, Twitter & More Facts

Lena Hernandez Wiki – Lena Hernandez Bio

Torrance police, Long Beach resident Lena Hernandez, spotted the woman at the center of the social media storm because of the racist, anti-Asian tirans caught in 56.

On Wednesday, Hernandez disturbed two people at separate events at Charles H. Wilson Park in Torrance, and police said Twitter video clips were viral on Wednesday and Thursdays.

Lena Hernandez in view of mayor

Torrance Mayor Patrick Furey described the scenes on social media as 30% to 40% Asian or Pacific Islanders and “absolutely nausing to everyone in our community” in a city where 80 languages ​​are spoken.

The first incident reaching social media, Hernandez was found to harass a young woman who is currently exercising on a series of stairs in Wilson Park. In the second racist explosion, he had two children with an Asian man in his car.

Here is the official announcement from Torrance PD #TorranceKaren # torrance pic.twitter.com/Ik1gFARIpa

– Andrew J. Campa (@campadrenews) June 12, 2020
Torrance police also stated that they were investigating Hernandez about another incident at the Del Amo Fashion Center in October.

Torrance Police Chief Eve Berg said her department was aware of racist incidents via social media on Wednesday and first tried to identify the victims.

The first one, who introduced herself to The Times as Sherry, was working when she hit an almost circulating woman.

The woman threatened violence before telling Sherry “to get out of this world… to leave this state and to return to the Asian country you belong to,” no matter what.

“When we were able to spot the victim, a crime report was received,” said Berg. “While our detectives were working on this incident, we noticed another person who was a victim of the same subject and in fact the same day in Wilson Park with his family.

“In the incident, a crime report was received shortly after the incident.”

Later in the day, the same woman was recorded on the video, verbally attacking an Asian man parked next to him in Wilson Park. Sergeant. Ron Salary of the Torrance Police Department said the time between events was unknown.

Lena Hernandez Incident video

In the video, the woman says, “You know, you have to go home,” while looking at the car of the man with her two children.

The unidentified man replies, “I’m at home,” before the woman tells him to stop playing.

Then the woman is heard using a swear word and before she describes her as “Chinaman”, a voice is heard that turns the camera to turn her camera and speaks senselessly and threatens to kill the man who complains that her vehicle is parked too close. Hondaya.

The man continues to repeat the woman calmly “Get training” and “Respect”.
Berg was verbally assaulted by a guardian at the Del Amo Fashion Center in October and Hernandez’s “intervening.”

“We believe the suspect is responsible for all three of these events,” said Berg. “With this victim, detectives sought about this.”

Berg said the detectives were looking for Long Beach residents but could not find him. Berg asks the community at (310) 328-3456 to call the Torrance police on Hernandez’s location or other people who may have been hacked.

As for the charges, Berg said, awaiting news from the Town Hall.

“This is what we left in our city lawyer’s office,” he said. “The case is actually presented to the office of our city lawyer when we speak.”

Police Department about Lena Hernandez

In the last two days, the Police Department saw the criticism of both residents and foreigners because of the perceived lack of action in this case, something Berg pushed back.

“The reason we don’t hold a press conference or provide any information about it is because we don’t want to compromise the integrity of this investigation,” he said. “We wanted to make sure we got a positive ID from all those suspicious victims.”

Berg also said it was unclear whether Hernandez had a mental illness, but “we are investigating this aspect.”

Berg was unable to confirm whether Hernandez was the same person who ordered a prohibition against him by his mother in 2018.

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