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Who is Lee Macmillan? Wiki, Bio, Age,Family, Death, Suicide, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lee Macmillan

Lee Macmillan Wiki

                                                      Lee Macmillan Biography

Lee Macmillan, who became popular for documenting travel stories with his ex-boyfriend on Instagram and YouTube, has passed away. The 27-year-old influencer took her own life on Friday, March 26. Macmillan and his ex-boyfriend Max Bidstrup used to travel the world with their dog Occy in a renovated van and share their “life in the truck” experiences on social media.

The Instagram identifier that the duo handled confirmed Macmillan’s death. “After living an extraordinary life and fighting a valiant battle with depression, our hearts are broken to share that Lee took his own life on Friday. She was the brightest light, a magnetic force of nature, and many loved her.

If we can do anything for Lee now, in the midst of this devastating loss, it is to spread the message that mental health is as real as physical health and that illness can affect anyone, no matter how unlikely it may seem. It’s okay not to be okay, it’s okay to ask for help, you absolutely must ask for help, “posted” maxandlee_ “.

Lee Macmillan Age

Lee Macmillan was 27 years old.

Background Macmillan met Bidstrup

Macmillan met Bidstrup in 2016 and they decided to travel the world together and with their Australian Shepherd Occy in a van that they renovated. They spent two years traveling through 16 countries before announcing their breakup. The ex-partner’s Instagram account is followed by around 70,000 people. In January, the couple announced that they were “going their separate ways from here.”

“We are very proud of what we have accomplished as a couple and as individuals in recent years and we are honored to be able to share the journey with all of you. Unfortunately though, despite having been through so much together and trying so hard, some things don’t always work out, no matter how hard you want it. We are very sorry to announce that the next chapter of our lives will not be one lived together, as we will go our separate ways from here, “said her breakup announcement post.

Cause of death

Lee died last week in Noleta, California, at the age of 27. Announcing her passing to followers of the joint account last week, a post reveals that Lee had a long battle with depression.

The post added: “Life is more complex than a single social media post. Things get complicated. Don’t believe what you see online. Go out into the world and talk to your loved ones. Check in. Ask them honestly how they are doing. Be available to help. Hear. Offer help. Remove the stigma of asking for help. Let’s spread awareness of this issue, for Lee and everyone who needs to hear this: #speakupforlee. ”

Macmillan’s current boyfriend, Jordan Chiu, wrote a heartbreaking tribute, saying that he had been getting help from professionals, family and friends for his depression. “He had support around him. She wasn’t alone, she wasn’t trying to fight this alone. And yet she succumbed to this terrible disease. He has more nuances than we can, appreciate or understand, ”he said, Daily Mail reported. Chiu also created the hashtag,” #speakupforlee, “to raise awareness about mental illness and the importance of keeping an eye on your friends.

Bidstrup also paid tribute to his former partner in a post that read, “You were the best thing that could happen to me. You were the best person I have ever met. I fell in love with you the day we met, but you were still the strongest one who said “I love you” first. I never stopped loving you Mountie, I hope you know that. I will always cherish my time with you in this world and I look forward to seeing you next time ✨ Save some mini eggs for me. ”

Several people in the post’s comment section also expressed their regret over Macmillan’s tragic death. One person wrote: “I’m so sorry, buddy. Even though we never met, I always felt a bond with you and Lee. You’ve both inspired me to travel more and I’m devastated by the news. Lee was an amazing person and no one will forget her. Sending a lot. brother love “.

Another user said, “I instantly thought of you and Occy when I found out, my heart and prayers go out to you and everyone who loved Lee. Rest easy Lee. “” Absolutely devastated to hear this news. This is such a huge loss. I am so sorry this happened. Prayers for healing and clarity during this confusing time, “added one person.

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