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Who is Lauren Hunter Daman?(Georgia webcam model, 27, accidentally shoots herself in genitals with 9mm handgun ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Webcam Model,Accident,Shot,Family,Facebook,Net Worth,Married, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lauren Hunter Daman

Lauren Hunter Daman Wiki

                             Lauren Hunter Daman Biography

Who is Lauren Hunter Daman ?

A Georgia woman who worked as a webcam model for various adult sites accidentally shot herself in the vagina earlier this month, reveals a police report recounting the bizarre incident, in what a witness says was a pornographic video that it went terribly wrong.

According to the report, 27-year-old e-girl Lauren Hunter Daman accidentally discharged the weapon, a 9mm pistol, while alone in her room on the morning of November 9 while several of her housemates were on the property. .

Around noon, police were called to the scene at Thomaston’s home, after receiving a report of an ‘accidental gunshot wound’.

Upon arriving at the scene, Upson County Sheriff’s Deputy Zachary Wall was immediately met by an EMS worker in the woman’s driveway holding the gun and a spent bullet casing.

The paramedic notified the officer that “the woman had accidentally shot herself in the vagina,” the report says.

Daman, injured but in stable condition, was later taken to the Upson County Sheriff’s Office parking lot.

A police report filed after the November 9 incident states that a paramedic

The police then conducted interviews with the other residents of the house, three in total, and two others present were shot.

One of the woman’s housemates, Jordan Allen, the owner of the firearm, told officers that he was in the kitchen when he heard a gunshot, shedding some light on how the bizarre incident may have occurred.

According to the report, Allen ran into Daman’s room when he heard the gun go off and found her with blood dripping down her leg.

Allen later told police that upon seeing him enter the room, the bloody Daman told him that he accidentally shot himself ‘and apologized profusely.

Allen then enlightened officers on the occupation of his housemate.

According to the report, Allen told police that “Daman has” subscribers “on a sexual web platform called” Chatter “and added” that she “makes sexual videos of herself and that people pay her to watch them.”

Allen then informed law enforcement officers that he believed she was recording video at the time the gun was fired.

Lauren Hunter Family

Lauren was born and raised by her parents in the United States. Our efforts to find out more about her family were to no avail, as such information is not publicly available. Therefore, the identity of Lauren’s parents is still unclear. It is also not known if she has siblings. We will update this section once this information is available.

Lauren Hunter Husband, married

Lauren has not made her relationship public, it is not publicly known if she is married or in a relationship. Information on her partner will be updated as soon as it becomes available.

Lauren Hunter net worth

Lauren’s net worth is estimated to be between $ 1 million and $ 5 million. This includes her assets, money, and her income. Her main source of income is her acting career. Through her various sources of income, Lauren has been able to accumulate a good fortune, but she prefers to lead a modest lifestyle.

The incident occurred at Daman’s Thomaston home

A second roommate, Addie Ruth Johnson, further told officers that at some point after the accidental discharge of the firearm, Daman entered the living room of the home and told Johnson and several others to “be accidentally shot. ”

Police also interviewed a distraught Daman before she was taken away, and stated that her account of the shooting was inconsistent, claiming at one point that she fired the gun herself and at another that the gun was fired during a consensual sex act with Allen.

However, despite the inconsistencies, Upson County Sheriff Dan Kilgore told The Smoking Gun that the shooting, which his department labeled as ‘reckless conduct’ in its Nov.9 report, is unlikely. result in criminal charges.

Also, the ‘web platform’ Allen mentioned to the officers is actually called ‘Chaturbate’, a popular adult site that allows models to receive donations from viewers in the form of ‘tips’ in exchange for the recorded staging. of requested sexual acts.

It is currently unknown if Daman was broadcasting online when she fired the gun or if she was recording a video to upload to the porn site.

Her profiles on her social networks reveal that the woman has at least one small child: a baby.

After arriving at the local police department parking lot, the woman was airlifted to a hospital in nearby Macon, located approximately 40 miles away, the report reveals.

She was released earlier this week.

Lauren Hunter Daman Quick and Facts

  • Lauren Hunter Daman, 27, accidentally discharged the weapon, a 9mm handgun, while alone in her bedroom the morning of November 9, Upson County cops say
  • Officers were called to Daman’s Thomaston home – which she shares with at least 3 others – around noon, receiving a report of an ‘accidental gunshot wound’
  • Upon their arrival, police learned from a paramedic already at the scene that Daman ‘had shot herself in her vagina, accidentally,’ a police report reveals
  • Officers then learned from one of Daman’s housemates that the woman works as a webcam model for the popular adult site ‘Chaturbate’
  • The housemate further revealed that he believed Daman was recording when the gun went off
  • The woman was medevac’d to a hospital 40 miles away in Macon that afternoon, and was only released earlier this week
  • Criminal charges will likely not be filed in the case, Upson County sheriff says

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