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Breaking: Laura Lentz Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Laura Lentz Wiki

                          Laura Lentz Wiki Biography

Laura Lentz is a pastor at Hillsong Church based in Australia and the wife of Pastor Carl Lentz, Justin Bieber’s spiritual advisor. Laura Lentz, 40, is originally from Australia and married her husband in 2003. The couple have three children.

On November 4, Carl Lentz was relieved of his position as senior pastor of the Hillsong New York location after “ongoing discussions regarding leadership issues and breach of trust, in addition to a recent revelation of moral flaws.” a statement from Hillsong Church Global Senior Pastor Brian Houston said.

The Associated Press reported in October 2017 that Carl and Laura Lentz established the American wing of Hillsong in 2010. The AP report says that between 9,000 and 10,000 worshipers attend Hillsong services each week in the United States.

1. Laura Lentz’s Profile on Hillsong’s Website Has Been Deleted

The statement does not comment on the status of Laura Lentz’s employment at the megachurch. Lentz was mentioned twice in the statement. In one section, Lentz is “thanked for the way they have served faithfully and sacrificially since the inception of Hillsong NYC.” Houston also wrote that he and his wife have known Lentz “their whole lives.” At the time of writing, the profiles of Lentz and her husband have been removed from the Hillsong website. In 2015, Carl Lentz told the Bleacher Report that he was friends with Brian Houston’s son, Joel.

carl lentz wife laura lentz
Instagram / Carl Lentz

The most recent activity on Lentz’s Instagram page occurred on October 25. Lents posted a photo of the daily planner book along with the caption: “2020 has been a great year … I can’t wait to add this planner to my daily routine!” Lentz last posted a photo with her husband on August 4.

2. Lentz Has Lived With Her Husband in Australia, Virginia & New York City

According to a cached version of Lentz’s profile page, he lived in Australia for most of his life, graduating from Hillsong College. Around this time, Lentz met her husband and the couple moved to the United States. A section of her biography reads, “She is excited to be a part of Hillsong NYC and knows that God has incredible things ahead of him for that city and nation.” The profile goes on to say that Lentz is “passionate” about “building the local church.” The biography also says that Lentz is passionate about “preaching the gospel in a method that makes sense to a generation desperately seeking a cause greater than themselves.”

The Virginian-Pilot reported in 2009 that Carl and Laura Lentz moved to Hampton Roads, Virginia, in 2005, having married in 2003. In that article, Carl Lentz said the couple had weekly date nights and was telling the newspaper, “Let’s go to the movies. We go to random parties. We went to the Wu-Tang show. ” In 2015, Carl Lentz told GQ magazine that he lived in Virginia when Joel Houston contacted him to start a Hillsong location in New York City.

3. At One Point, Lentz Was Reported to Have Been ‘Inseparable’ From Hailey Baldwin

In the summer of 2015, Lentz was photographed shopping in Sydney, Australia, with Justin Bieber’s now-wife Hailey Baldwin, the Daily Mail reported at the time. The Mail article read: “It appears that Hailey Baldwin and Laura Lentz have become inseparable since they landed in Sydney.”

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In 2017, the Associated Press reported that Justin Bieber decided to “relax in private” with the Lentz family in Montclair, New Jersey. Carl Lentz told the agency: “We did it for two days and then the word got out and it was a little disturbing, but overall it was like a very special moment. Yes. One, card games, Bible studies, and just sneaking into coffee shops in Jersey, just hanging out. In 2018, it was widely reported that Bieber had split from the Lentz family.

4. One of Lentz’s Favorite Bible Passages Includes the Words: ‘Do Not Be Anxious About Anything’

Lentz wrote in a 2019 blog that one of his favorite scriptures was Philippians 4: 6. The passage reads, “Don’t worry about anything, but in every situation, with prayer and request, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God”.

Lentz wrote about his belief that Christians should complicate prayer and should trust the Bible. Lentz said, “But don’t you love the Bible? It makes it so simple! Lentz added, “Thank you for your grace, thank you for your husband and your children.” Lentz also said that Christians should thank God for our world leaders, their home and the seasons.

carl lentz wife laura lentz
Instagram / Carl Lentz

Carl Lentz wrote in a September 2018 Instagram post that he dated his wife for two years prior to their marriage. Carl Lentz said the couple made two “life-changing” moves during their time together, as well as “just a disagreement.” He added that Lentz “still has the same easy laugh, the same consistent faith, effortless grace, and the same ability to keep moving forward, regardless of the current chapter our lives are in.”

According to a previous Instagram post, Lentz and her husband celebrate their wedding anniversary on May 5. Carl Lentz wrote in a 2017 wedding anniversary tribute to his wife: “Nobody ‘falls out of love’. They choose to stop loving, nobody falls in love.” of a marriage. They choose to stay in it. “Carl Lentz told the Bleacher Report in 2017 that he was heading to an anniversary dinner with his wife when he stopped by to counsel NBA star and devout Christian Jeremy Lin on his faith.

5. When Asked About Homosexual People, Lentz Said: ‘It’s Not Our Place to Tell Anyone How They Should Live’

When Lentz was asked about his views on homosexuality during a 2014 CNN interview, he said, via Christianity Today: “It’s not our place to tell anyone how they should live, it is – that’s their journey.” In the same interview, her husband said that many gays and lesbians attend her services.

In 2016, The Daily Beast reported that Hillsong had a history of encouraging gay conversion therapy and prohibiting gay members from assuming leadership roles in the church.

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