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Who is Lanesha Walker?(Mother of 7-year-old girl shot dead at McDonald’s drive-thru slams CEO for saying parents are to blame for spate of kids gunned down ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Shooting,Family,Investigation, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Lanesha Walker

Lanesha Walker Wiki

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Who is Lanesha Walker ?

The mother of a boy shot to death in the driveway of a McDonald’s in Chicago lashed out at the company’s CEO over a text message suggesting she was the culprit.

Lanesha Walker, whose seven-year-old daughter Jaslyn Adams was murdered in April at one of the fast food giant’s Windy City restaurants, lashed out at Chris Kempczinski for comments he made in a text message to Mayor Lori Lightfoot. days after.

She was enraged: ‘How dare you judge me! How dare you say that I failed my son? I wasn’t there when my son was killed, ” she said in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times.

‘Mister. CEO, you have no idea what it’s like to live on the South Side and West Side, in the trenches, where he becomes really treacherous, just to survive, just to protect his children, ” he continued. ‘You come from privilege. You can’t talk about me. ‘

Kempczinski, whose firm is based in Chicago, sent a text message to Lightfoot, commenting on the recent murders of Jaslyn and the 13-year-old boy named Adam Toledo.

“ With both, the parents failed those children, which I know is something that cannot be said. Even harder to fix, ‘the billionaire McDonald’s executive wrote in the text, which was revealed this week in response to a public records request about the mayor’s communications.


Three weeks earlier, 13-year-old Adam Toledo was on the run from police with a gun in hand when an officer shot him dead less than a second after the teen dropped or threw the gun aside. The CEO also referred to that murder in his text.

Kempczinski approached Mayor Lightfoot the day after Jaslyn’s murder, following a meeting at McDonald’s headquarters.

The mayor sidestepped the CEO’s comment on the shootings in her response, replying, ‘Thank you Chris. It’s good to see you in person. A great workspace, and your people were great. I told Joe that he would be happy to contact the operator to offer support. He and the members of his team must be traumatized. Terrible tragedy. Thanks again, Chris.


Walker said her daughter loved McDonald’s and ate there twice a week, and that the company’s chief executive made disparaging remarks about her and other parents who lost their children to gun violence showed a fault. of respect and compassion.

“ My daughter was shot and killed in one of your McDonald’s and, to this day, has anyone from your company reached out, even just to offer condolences? No. Instead, you knock me down, ‘continued the mother.

Walker insisted that Kempczinski knows nothing about the ‘neighborhood’ and demanded that she meet her face to face in her community and learn about the effects of gun violence on families.

‘Mister. CEO, he doesn’t know me. You don’t know anything about us. You’re on the outside looking in, from your high pedestal, judging us, ‘Walker argued. “You don’t know the real situation of anyone.”

Despite highly critical comments from the McDonald’s executive, Walker said she knows she is a good mother and that he did not put her daughter in danger.


Kempczinski’s comments, revealed as part of a Freedom of Information Act requesting Lightfoot’s communications, were met with widespread condemnation, prompting the executive to back down.

In an internal memo to McDonald’s corporate employees in the United States seen by DailyMail.com, Kempczinski said his comments were emotional and regrettable.

‘When I wrote this, I was thinking through my lens as a father and reacted viscerally. But I have not put myself in the shoes of Adam or Jaslyn’s family and so many others who face a very different reality, ”Kempczinski wrote in the memo.

‘Not taking the time to think about this from their point of view was wrong, and it lacked the empathy and compassion that I have for these families. This is a lesson that I will take with me, ‘he added.


Jaslyn’s father, Jontae Adams, 29, admitted knowing that he was a potential target for gang retaliation, but he didn’t think anything would happen the day he took her to find McDonald’s.

Prosecutors say Jaslyn and her father were at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Homan Square on April 18 when three men pulled into a silver Audi and riddled their vehicle with at least 28 bullets. Jontae Adams was shot and injured, Jaslyn was hit multiple times and died.

‘My daughter wanted McDonald’s. I tried using Uber McDonald’s, ” Jontae Adams said in an interview with WCGI-FM, referring to the food delivery service. But my baby wanted to see me.

As for my actions or my past, she maybe had something to do with it. But I was a father the day my daughter died. That’s all I remember being. I don’t remember gang hits. I don’t remember what led to that, ” she continued.

She would do it again. My baby wanted McDonald’s and I would take her back to McDonald’s. Nothing is going to stop me from being a parent and putting a smile on my baby’s face.


Those arrested in Jaslyn’s murder were Devontay Anderson, 22, Demond Goudy, 21, and Marion Lewis, 18, who was shot and wounded by police and arrested after her vehicle crashed trying to elude officers. , and then tried to steal a family’s car. on the Eisenhower Expressway.

All three are being held without bond in the Cook County Jail.

The officer who shot and killed Adam Toledo during a March 29 foot chase has not been relieved of his police powers after a review by the Civil Police Responsibility Office.

Toledo’s family, who were previously questioned about his upbringing and his alleged involvement in gangs, have not publicly commented on the McDonald’s CEO’s critical words.

Lanesha Walker Quick and Facts

  • Lanesha Walker, the mom of Jaslyn Adams, 7, who was shot and killed in Chicago in April, slammed McDonald’s CEO over his recently revealed comments 
  • Chris Kempczinski in April sent a text message to Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, saying parents of Jaslyn and a teen who was shot ‘failed those kids’
  • After facing backlash, Kempczinski walked back his remarks in an internal memo to his employees
  • Walker said Kempczinski knows nothing about living in her neighborhood and demanded that he apologize to her in person 
  • Jaslyn was in her dad’s car when she was shot dead at a McDonald’s drive-thru in a suspected gang-related attack 
  • Adam Toledo, 13, was killed by a police officer during a foot chase in March 

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