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Breaking: Kieran Hodgson Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Kieran Hodgson Wiki

                        Kieran Hodgson Biography

Kieran Hodgson of Yorkshire impersonated the stars of the new Netflix series, which is projected to be broadcast by 63 million households in its first month on the streaming website, in a video that has been liked by thousands on Twitter.

The comedian who went viral with his 30-second parody of The Crown has once again delighted fans with his hilarious impressions of Bridgerton’s characters.

The racy period drama follows Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) as he searches for her husband along with other debutants in London.

In the clip, Kieran plays the role of a ‘sad and confused’ Daphne and pokes fun at her and the many Duke of Hastings s*x scenes in different locations.

Fans applauded Kieran’s impressions saying they were ‘spot on’ and thanked him for ‘cheering people on at the running of the bulls’.

 Kieran perfectly changes his expressions

In the video, Kieran perfectly changes his expressions to match those of the characters he’s playing, including the show’s Gossip Girl-style narrator, Lady Whistledown, and all the different Bridgerton siblings.
The video begins with an introduction by Lady Whistledown, who announces in her trademark elegant voice: “The beginning of a new Netflix season may promise opportunity for some, but scandal for others.”

The camera then jumps to topless Kieran pretending to box, playing the Duke of Hastings, who says, ‘I swore to my father that I would never shave properly and that I would never marry a Bridgerton!’

Lady Danbury who often appears in the show

Lady Danbury, who often appears on the show in eccentric red clothing, was also imitated by Kieran in a fez brown hat who responds to the Duke by saying, “Boy, you’d do well to marry a Bridgerton.”

The camera then cuts to Kieran as the show’s star, Daphne Bridgerton, who is dressed in one of her many blue dresses.

Referring to a scene from the show where her love interest, the Duke, suggests that she find out what she likes in the bedroom by ‘touching herself’, she says, ‘Dear mom, I’ve never touched myself, how am I to impress the Queen? ‘

 who Kieran imitates with a strong French accent and by dressing up with a French flag down his top

To which Kieran, like his mother, replies, ‘You have big eyes, my son, and you always look sad and confused,’ before the camera turns back to Kieran as Daphne gazes longingly into the distance.

The comedian then impersonates one of the younger Bridgerton sisters, Eloise, whose feminist character spends much of the drama reading books and protesting marriage.

Kieran changes into another dress to play her role and says, “Why should a woman always impress with her big eyes, why should she not with a great book that she has written?”

He later goes on to imitate Daphne’s older brother, Anthony Bridgerton, who spends most of the show trying to find a suitable husband for his sister.

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