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Breaking: Kiara Hawkins Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Kiara Hawkins Wiki

                         Kiara Hawkins Biography

Kiara Hawkins, a pregnant woman and her unborn baby also tragically died. Kezzie Childs, Raymond Childs, 42, Elijah Childs, 18, Rita Childs, 13. This morning I heard four shots. I looked out, I didn’t see anything, “said neighbor Rivon Allen-Bailey.

But the neighbor in the house directly across from the scene says she didn’t hear anything either. Well, there was a knock on my door at 5, the police. When they asked me if I heard anything, I said no, “said neighbor Vicki Pinkston.

At the time, Pinkston was informed of a shooting at her neighbor’s house, but she knew no more. I immediately put on some clothes. I’m still the same, pajamas and all, â € Pinkston said.

Kiara Hawkins age

Kiara Hawkins was 19 years old.

Shot dead

She burst into tears once she found out, just six feet from her front door, a total of six died, including an unborn child. Still processing the tragedy, she immediately began to realize that she never knew her names, only her kind hearts and friendly ripples from her.

â € œThey are so sweet. The ‘lil’ boy so sweet. Oh God, they say ‘Hello Miss Vicki’ all the time … Now I have to look over there and not hear them say ‘Hello Miss Vicki, how is your day going?’ € Pinkston said. District 9 City Councilor William Oliver lives two minutes from where this incident occurred. He says this is a loving community and that it was a shameful act.

“If it was one person or five, I am totally angry, hurt and ashamed,” Oliver said. The community has a message for those who claimed a total of six lives, including one that never saw the light. The act of murder, mass murder. The shame they brought to the home, to our community, is a supreme shame, ”Oliver said.

It’s personal to Pinkston because she knew this family. She, along with many others, wonders how anyone can commit a crime like this. How does it feel How you feel? How do you feel about this? It could have been yours; It could have been someone in your family, â € Pinkston said.

The remaining members of the family spent the day trying to comfort each other at the scene. Meanwhile, strangers passed by to offer prayers and condolences.

“My heart goes out to them and my prayers and best wishes and comfort to the family,” Oliver said.


Police have yet to name the shooter. However, IMPD Police Chief Randal Taylor says police believe the victims were deliberately targeted by a murderer or group after a spate of shootings across the city.

He added: “What we saw this morning was a different kind of evil. What happened this morning, based on the evidence that has been gathered so far, was a mass murder. More than that, it wasn’t random. ”

Investigation report

IMPD officers first responded around 3:45 a.m. to a reported shooting and discovered a minor victim, who was transported to an area hospital in critical condition but was expected to survive. However, at 4:41 a.m., officers had discovered the other victims in a nearby home, WXIN reported.

Taylor said during the press conference that he is “heartbroken by the lives that were taken too soon, by the young life that has changed forever, and by the life that he never had a chance to start,” WTHR reported.

Investigators stated that it appears the family was targeted and they do not believe the public is in danger, WXIN reported.

According to WTHR, authorities identified the victims Sunday night as Kezzie Childs, 42; Raymond Childs Jr., 42; Elijah Childs, 18; Rita Childs, 13 years old; Kiara Hawkins, 19; and baby Hawkins (fetus), son of Kiara Hawkins.

â € œI want those responsible to know that all the power of local, state and federal law enforcement will come for them as I speak. Coming for them today. Coming for them tonight. I will come for them tomorrow and the day after. I’m going to look for them as long as it takes to find them, ”Hogsett said during the press conference.

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett warned the killers: “I want those responsible to know that all the power of local, state and federal law enforcement will come for them as I speak.”

He said: “This morning, the city of Indianapolis was attacked with an act of depravity that has become all too common across the country and will never cease to shock the conscience.

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