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Who is Kevin Farquharson?(Barrister who s*xually assaulted a 25-year-old colleague in a bar then asked her to lie so his fiancée wouldn’t find out is disbarred ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Family,Facebook,Statement,Victim, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Kevin Farquharson

Kevin Farquharson Wiki

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Who is Kevin Farquharson ?

A lawyer who touched a colleague’s breasts during a night out and then asked him to lie to help him cover his tracks with his fiancée was expelled from the profession.

Kevin Farquharson s*xually assaulted the woman inside a photo booth in a bar in Bristol city center in the early hours of September 28, 2019.

The 25-year-old woman, known as A, asked him ‘what the heck was she’ she was doing to her ‘, but he repeatedly grabbed her breasts and buttocks on the dance floor.

Farquharson ignored her desperate efforts to fight him, touched her crotch, pinned her arms and tried to force her to kiss him, the Bar Court and Adjudication Service heard.wikipedia

After he finally returned home at 4am, Farquharson confronted his partner ‘furious’ at him, demanding to know what he had been up to.

The next night, he texted the woman saying, “Would you help me by replying to my text tomorrow simply by saying,” We lost sight of you around 1:45. You left after you had an encounter with one of the gorillas. I hope they feel good. ” ‘

How old is Kevin Farquharson ?

He is 45 year old.

Farquharson, 45,was disbarred after a hearing at the Bar Tribunal and Adjudication Service, located in Gray’s Inn, London

The woman’s ordeal only came to an end when bar staff stepped in to get him out while the woman was hiding in the bathroom.

Farquharson received a two-month suspended sentence after admitting the s*xual assault in court, ordered to pay the woman £ 1,800 in compensation and was placed on the s*x offender registry for seven years.

Mark Ruffell from the Bar Standards Board said: ‘This is a sad case from start to finish.

‘On the one hand, we have a young woman who was very close to the interviewee, she undoubtedly saw him most days in a professional context, and it is fair to say that they were friends.

“For good reasons, as people do, they decided to go out, let their hair down at night and then sadly, through drinking, the events took place.”

The court heard that Farquharson had been out for dinner and drinks with some co-workers when he decided to cancel his pre-booked taxi and instead moved to the Kongs bar on King Street with his young colleague.


Referring to his statement on the impact of the victim, Mr. Ruffell said: “ She is effectively saying that she was traumatized due to perseverance and the fact that he did not seem to take no for an answer, as it was only after events come from the interference of others. ” until the end.’

Later that weekend, he texted a senior colleague, asking him to say he was with him when the doorman arrived, in case Farquharson’s partner called him.

Farquharson admitted to sending the two messages, but denied they were professional misconduct, saying his judgment was affected due to his mental health.

The panel was told that Farquharson was diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder due to experiences in his childhood.

He told the panel that the woman had briefly informed him of his actions in a conversation the morning after the fact, but that he had not realized the full scope of what he had done.

Representing himself, he said: ‘He was quite overwhelmed. At the time he didn’t know that Ms. A was upset, but she was quite upset.


‘She hadn’t expressed to me that she was upset, it was a revelation to me what she had said. She was in a very bad mood for fear of losing my family ”.

He told the panel that due to his medical diagnoses, therapists told him that he was in a ‘compromised’ state of mind and that he ‘could not think rationally’.

“I spoke to Ms. A and my mind exploded when she told me what she told me,” said Farquharson, who was called to the Bar in 2011.

“It is incredible, absolutely incredible to listen to, absolutely terrifying to contemplate what could happen to my family.”

He admitted that he asked A to give him a “partial account” in the written message he asked him to send, but said that he did not intend to deliberately lie about the incident.

“It was a confirmation of how long I was gone and not gone with her, and that’s what she did in response,” Farquharson said.

The disgraced attorney burst into tears when he told the panel that he had always tried to be a good person and that the incident was “out of line” for him.

“I’m still in shock two years later,” he said.

“I am absolutely devastated that I have bothered Ms. A for the way that I bothered her and the profession that she gave me the opportunity to get to a place I would never get to because of my background.”

The presiding judge, Judge Witold Pawlak, determined that all the charges were proven and ordered that Farquharson be disqualified.


He said: “Our decision is that the penalty for all three charges should be disqualification for each, that the costs should be paid in full, ie the amount of £ 2,100 with 28 days to pay.”

Dressed in a navy blue suit, Farquharson buried his head in his hands and collapsed when the decision was announced.

Kevin Farquharson Quick and Facts

  • Barrister Kevin Farquharson, 45, groped a colleague during a night out in Bristol 
  • He touched the woman’s breasts and continued to assault her on the dancefloor
  • He pinned her arms down and ignored her pleas to stop, before staff stepped in 
  • Farquharson later texted the 25-year-old to lie about what happened in order to save his relationship

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