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Who is Kenny Wells?(Convicted felon who sparked pandemonium at Atlanta Airport after gun went off inside his bag when he lunged for it during TSA search ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Shooting,Family,Facebook,Arrested,Charged, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Kenny Wells

Kenny Wells Wiki

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Who is Kenny Wells ?

Authorities searched for a gun owner who fled after his weapon fired by accident at Atlanta’s airport, sending terrified travelers bolting onto the tarmac on Saturday, halting flights during the busy Thanksgiving holiday period.

The man who possessed the gun that caused the ‘accidental gun discharge’ at the Atlanta airport on Saturday, sparking a panic that injured three people and halted flights over the Thanksgiving getaway weekend, has been identified. Like a convicted felon on the loose

The TSA tweeted how at around 1:30 pm, Wells’s bag was being searched at the airport’s main security checkpoint.

Kenny Wells Arrested and Charged

Kenny Wells, 42, faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon at a commercial airport, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, firing a firearm and reckless conduct, police announced.

“We are actively pursuing this individual as we speak,” Major Reginald Moorman, the airport’s police commissioner, told The Associated Press.

Panic erupted Saturday at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, considered the world’s busiest, after reports of an “active shooter,” which authorities later said was an accidental discharge.

Early Saturday night, the TSA revealed exactly what happened, noting that three people who were caught in a panic suffered non-life threatening injuries.


A ‘prohibited item’ was identified on the X-ray and the TSA advised the passenger not to touch their property.

When the TSA officer opened the compartment of his bag that contained the prohibited item, Wells pounced on the bag, grabbed the firearm, and at that moment, it was unloaded.

Wells then made a run and fled the area, running through the airport exit.

The TSA went to great lengths to point out that this was not an “active shooter” incident.

The TSA, in conjunction with the Atlanta Police Department, decided to implement a ground stop that would prevent flights from taking off or landing at the airport while the Atlanta Police investigated.

Atlanta airport Shooting

“Shooting inside the Atlanta North Terminal Airport. I hope everyone gets the change to escape alive the same way I … running …” he wrote on Twitter.

Stephanie Withers posted a video on Twitter showing several people believed to be from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) running along a road leading to one of the airport terminals.

“ Atlanta airport employee Shantoria deserves a * huge * raise for allowing my husband and I to get in her car and take us to safety amid total chaos (what we thought was) of active shooters, ” Withers wrote on Twitter.

‘Hundreds of terrified people screaming and running. Thanks, Shantoria.

A Twitter user named Johnny posted a photo showing dozens of passengers waiting along with their luggage near the runway while Delta planes are parked next to the terminal.

Erika Zeidler, who was traveling from Atlanta to Anchorage, told CNN that she was sitting in Concourse T when she noticed panicked people starting to run down the aisle.

“We assumed they were late for a flight,” she said.

“ Then all of a sudden more people started running through the terminal and yelled that there was a shooter. ”

The Atlanta airport also tweeted that it was an accidental discharge of a firearm that caused panic among passengers and staff.

“There was an accidental discharge of a firearm near the main security checkpoint,” said Atlanta Police Sgt. Jarius Daugherty told CNN. “Officers are working to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident.”

When the go-ahead was given, the airport resumed normal operations and the planes were allowed to take off.

Videos posted on social media showed the resulting panic.

“Get down,” someone is heard yelling loudly as others are seen scrambling for cover on the ground, in a video posted by Jamari Jones.

Someone tweeted that they had boarded a plane and then had to ‘close the doors’ due to a ‘suspected active shooter at the terminal’.

“Delta is handling this as professionally as ever. We hear sirens but we can’t verify anything. It will keep you posted up to date. Pray!’ wrote Dianne Callahan.

Callahan, a passenger aboard a Delta Air Lines flight that was about to exit through the gate and depart for New York, posted a photo showing a large crowd of people under the nose of the plane that was parked next to his plane.

‘That’s what I’m seeing outside my window. I’m at the Atlanta airport, I boarded my flight to New York when we heard screaming, ” she wrote.

‘@Delta is trying to calm people down. We heard screams when people got on board.

Chris Burcky, who was standing in Terminal A at the time the chaos broke out, posted a photo showing Terminal T being evacuated.

Another witness posted a photo of the airport showing the delivery section just outside one of the terminals.

Lines of passengers snaked around the terminal after reports of an active shooter emerged.

Witnesses also reported that airport personnel “closed all the escalators, cut off all the passengers and turned off the tram.”

“Right now, the airport staff is doing a very good job keeping everyone calm,” Greg Romero, who had just got off an arriving flight, told CNN.

The incident comes just days before millions of Americans are expected to descend on the nation’s airports to travel across the country over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The TSA said more than 2.2 million passengers were screened at domestic airports on Friday, the most in a single day since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the winter of last year.

Concerns continue to mount about possible travel chaos during Thanksgiving week, with airline workplace complaints adding to severe weather and the impact of a vaccination mandate on airport security inspectors.

Up to 20 million Americans are expected to fly over the next week, and President Joe Biden’s vaccination mandate for federal employees, including TSA workers, goes into effect Monday.

He has expressed concern that sick leave or suspensions over the mandate could cause major delays in airport security, with only 60 percent of TSA workers vaccinated in the latest report.

At the same time, long-suffering airline workers are becoming increasingly vocal in their protests over wages and conditions, increasing the possibility that organized labor actions will affect the busy travel week.

Pay us or chaos! he warned flight attendants from American Airlines

Pay us or chaos! he warned flight attendants from American Airlines subsidiary Piedmont as they walked a picket line in front of Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina on Thursday.

Piedmont, a regional airline wholly owned by American Airlines, told DailyMail.com in a statement that contract negotiations would resume in December.

Meanwhile, the impending vaccine mandate remains the biggest question mark for the busiest travel week of the year.

The TSA insists the deadline will not result in a shortage of airport inspectors, but the union representing TSA workers has already publicly pleaded with the Biden administration to delay the term until after the Christmas season.

In a letter sent to the White House this month, the president of the TSA union, the American Federation of Government Employees, noted that the vaccination deadline for federal employees had already been postponed until January 4.

“This double standard has caused confusion and distress among federal employees due to unequal treatment and inconsistent timelines for people doing government work in the same settings,” wrote AFGE National President Everett Kelley.

The most recent public information on vaccination rates among TSA workers is now over a month old, so it’s unclear how widespread the layoffs and suspensions could be if the mandate is strictly enforced.

On Wednesday, TSA administrator David Pekoske insisted that he expects the agency’s staffing to be sufficient for what is traditionally the busiest travel period of the year.

“We are prepared,” Pekoske told ABC’s Good Morning America.

He said travelers should wait in long lines at airports and plan to spend a little more time going through security.

Pekoske said he did not believe that a vaccine mandate that went into effect for TSA agents on Monday would have any effect on staffing for Thanksgiving next week.

Travel experts are advising air travelers to arrive at the airport at least two hours before their scheduled flight, to allow for possible delays in the screening process.

Meanwhile, severe weather could also throw a major setback to many Americans’ travel plans.

AccuWeather meteorologists predict that snowfall may cover the Great Lakes on Sunday and a potential cyclone bomb will threaten the Atlantic coast a day or two later.

AccuWeather chief meteorologist Jon Porter

“We could be in for a big hassle and a real hardship on vacation travel,” said AccuWeather chief meteorologist Jon Porter.

The second storm could hit the heavily populated Northeast the day before Thanksgiving, which is traditionally the busiest travel day of the entire year.

That storm has the potential to become a bomb cyclone, a severe weather event that would greatly disrupt air travel.

High winds, rain and snow have the potential to further disrupt the operations of airlines that have recently struggled due to staff shortages.

“A major storm can significantly compound the airport and airline operational challenges that have plagued the air travel industry of late,” Porter said.

Travel group AAA forecasts that 53.4 million people will travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, 13 percent more than in 2020, and the majority of travelers will travel by car.

Air travel is projected to skyrocket from last year’s levels, with 20 million projected to fly, compared to just 10 million last year.

It would still be slightly below the all-time air travel record of 26 million set in 2019.

Delta Air Lines said it expects to fly up to 5.6 million passengers

Delta Air Lines said it expects to fly up to 5.6 million passengers from Friday through November 30, nearly 300 percent more than Delta’s 2.2 million passengers in 2020 for the period, but still down from 6.3 million. passengers during the same period in 2019.

United Airlines said it anticipates more than 4.5 million passengers during the Thanksgiving travel period, about 88 percent of 2019 volume.

United said it would add about 700 domestic flights by Thanksgiving week and fly 87 percent of its 2019 domestic time in November.

Last week, the Biden administration lifted travel restrictions for fully vaccinated air travelers from 33 countries, including China, South Africa, Brazil and much of Europe.

The United States also last week lifted restrictions on fully vaccinated tourists traveling across land borders from Mexico and Canada.

The United States also last week lifted restrictions on fully vaccinated tourists traveling across land borders from Mexico and Canada.

Kenny Wells Quick and Facts

  • Police continue to search for Kenny Wells, 42,  who fled the Atlanta Airport after accidentally firing a gun 
  • Officials at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport said the ‘accidental discharge’ caused panic 
  • TSA revealed on Twitter early on Saturday evening that three people suffered non-life threatening injuries 
  • Video posted on social media shows hundreds of people fleeing and taking cover over fears of active shooter 
  • But authorities clarified there was no active shooter and that there were no injuries early Saturday afternoon 
  • FAA briefly halted all flight departures; planes resumed takeoffs after officials gave the all clear on Saturday 
  • Concerns continue to mount over potential travel chaos over the week of the Thanksgiving holiday 
  • Airline labor strife, severe weather, and the impact of a vaccine mandate for TSA agents could hamper travel 

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