Home » Who is Kenny Noye?(Road Rage killer Kenny Noye, 74, strikes up friendship with attractive horse-riding ‘hippy chick’ and divorced mum-of-three, 47, who is nearly 30 YEARS his junior ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Crime,Family,Facebook,Investigation,Killer, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts
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Who is Kenny Noye?(Road Rage killer Kenny Noye, 74, strikes up friendship with attractive horse-riding ‘hippy chick’ and divorced mum-of-three, 47, who is nearly 30 YEARS his junior ) Wiki, Bio, Age,Crime,Family,Facebook,Investigation,Killer, Instagram, Twitter & Quick Facts

Kenny Noye

Kenny Noye Wiki

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Who is Kenny Noye ?

Road rage killer Kenny Noye has formed a friendship with a divorcee who describes herself as a ‘hippy girl’ and offers horse cuddle therapy for children.

The 74-year-old double killer has dated glamorous mother of three Michelle Budd, who is nearly 30 years his junior and describes Noye as a family friend.

Noye has been seen visiting his home in Kent and they have been seen driving through the countryside together and on trips to local pubs.

She has even appeared in his stables where she introduces groups of young children to their horses, helping many with anxiety or emotional problems. However, she denied they were in a relationship when she was approached by MailOnline.wikipedia

The friendship between the unlikely couple has shocked many friends of horse lover Ms. Budd, 47, as they are haunted by Noye’s criminal past.

One said: ‘He is a violent man and everyone knows that he is a murderer who has spent much of his life as a criminal and in prison.

“Michelle is a very respectable and nice woman who does a lot to help children, some of whom have special needs.

“She is an unpleasant figure and I wonder what she is thinking when they see her with him.”

Noye has been spotted out there with his new friend Michelle


Sources said Noye and Ms. Budd had been friends for several months since they met at a roadside burger shop near their home.

It is said that he simply introduced himself as ‘Ken’ when he met his family.

Noye, who stabbed to death an undercover cop investigating the Brink’s-Mat robbery and murdered motorist Stephen Cameron in a road rage incident, was seen visiting Ms Budd at his home Wednesday. He parked his VW car on his way.

The ex-gangster calmly donned a gray flat hat and glasses before leaving as Mrs. Budd returned to her stables a few miles away.

He then visited a gym before returning to his home in Sevenoaks, Kent.

Mrs Budd, who has two young grandchildren, met the ruthless killer again on Thursday, shortly after a group of children sponsored by a charity for the underprivileged and disabled left their stables in the countryside near Dartford, Kent. Noye appeared a short time later, wearing a blue shirt.

She looked around her before getting out of her car and into her silver truck, and the couple drove off together.

They were back at the stables two hours later, and Noye drove off in his black 4×4.

Ms. Budd describes herself in online posts as an equine learning trainer and a qualified physical education teacher.

She is the owner and founder of the Kent Equine Facilitated Learning Center, a community interest business that promotes “relaxation through horse care.”

Ms. Budd’s therapy sessions are said to help children by “connecting with nature, managing emotions, and natural crafts.”wikipedia


It is said to offer “help for people seeking answers, support with relationships, work, progress, acceptance, forgiveness, trauma addicts, and autistic children.”

Next week he will participate in an ‘Equine Energy Healing Session’ in collaboration with a group called ‘Ascending Angels’ who describe their horses as a ‘majestic herd’.

Noye stabbed 21-year-old Stephen Cameron (above) to death on the M25 access road in 1996 and was imprisoned for murder in 2000.

The event aims to help people ‘accept and love themselves more and harness the powerful natural energy of the earth that can activate a multitude of creative possibilities’.

Another of his organizations is called ‘Sun, Moon and Stars Healing Community’.

Her friend added: ‘She is all about peace and love and she calls herself’ Hippy Chick ‘on Facebook.

‘She has a kind and caring nature. She is about being kind and reaching into your inner self. But Noye is evil, nasty and violent and has killed two people.

“It is difficult for us as friends to see them together. They are like chalk and cheese when it comes to their individual personalities. She is a kind person who cares about the children she helps. ”

Ms. Budd denied that she had a relationship with Noye when questioned by MailOnline.

When she initially approached him, she said, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about mate.’

She later said: ‘I know him. He’s a friend of the family. ‘ But she added: ‘I have no comment to do mate. This is news to me. I’m a bit stunned to be fair.

When asked how the fact that he had killed two people sat down with a woman who described herself as a hippy, she said, ‘I have no comment to make.’

A website entry advertising one of her equine therapy sessions reads: “In addition to being able to bond and build friendships with horses, young people will have an excellent opportunity to explore their emotional well-being.

‘Learn to make the most of our energy by using horses as mirrors of our energy and well-being.

‘How to handle yourself in high pressure situations is taught with some skills that help you assess your emotional fluctuations and then reduce them to a level that you can handle them with.


Young people who find anxiety will be taught to overcome them by preventing them from enjoying life on a day-to-day basis.

‘How to access to express and manage the’ balloon of anxiety that can be overcome by turning it back into a grape of excitement ‘. Healthy snacks will be provided to keep you going. ”

Noye stabbed DC undercover police officer John Fordham ten times in 1985 after finding him hiding on the grounds of his 20-acre West Kingsdown, Kent property.

The officer was keeping an eye on Noye at the time, as he was suspected of handling gold bullion seized in the £ 26 million Brink’s-Mat raid at Heathrow in 1983.

Noye and Brian Reader, who later rose to prominence as the mastermind behind the Hatton Garden jewelry robbery in 2015, were charged with the murder of DC Fordham.

But the couple was acquitted by an Old Bailey jury after Noye claimed he had acted in self-defense for fear of being attacked.

Noye was convicted in 1986 of handling stolen gold after 11 gold bars were recovered from his home.

He was imprisoned for 14 years and fined £ 500,000 and ordered to pay costs of £ 200,000, and served eight years behind bars.

Noye was on leave after being released from prison when he murdered 21-year-old Stephen Cameron on an access road to the M25 in May 1996.

He fled the country on a private jet provided by Brink’s-Mat’s late friend John Palmer and headed to southern Spain, where he was finally recaptured in August 1998.

Noye was arrested after Stephen’s girlfriend, Danielle Cable, who witnessed the murder, was secretly taken by British police to the area and identified Noye from a distance. She remains under witness protection.

She was extradited to Britain in May 1999 and Danielle bravely testified against Noye at the Old Bailey the following year.

He was convicted of murder and jailed for life, ordered to serve a minimum of 16 years, but was released from prison in June 2019.

The former gangster is separated from his wife Brenda Tremain, with whom he has two adult children, Kevin and Brett.

Mrs. Bricker-Jones, but now it looks like the couple has split

Last October, it was reported that he was back with his former love, Karen Bricker-Jones, a businesswoman he first dated 40 years before being incarcerated.

It was reported that he was dividing his time between Karen, mother of three, elegant four-bedroom Tudor home in Surrey and her bachelor apartment in Kent after his release from prison.

Neighbors saw him loading his food shopping and taking out containers while he was staying on their property

Karen, 59, privately educated, is said to regularly visit Noye in jail while he was serving his murder sentence.

Kenny Noye Quick and Facts

  • Double killer Noye has been seen meeting up with vivacious horse loving brunette Michelle Budd around Kent 
  • Career criminal Noye has visited Michelle, 47, who runs stables for disabled children, at her home recently  
  • Noye, 74, stabbed to death Stephen Cameron, 21, in a road rage attack on the M25 in Swanley, Kent, in 1996 
  • The ex-con was also jailed for the notorious Brink’s-Mat bullion raid and killed an undercover police officer 
  • After his jail release two years ago, Noye rekindled a romance with an ex-girlfriend Karen Bricker-Jones, 60  
  • But that relationship appears to be over and the road rage murderer is spending time with divorcee, Michelle
  • The friendship has concerned those close to Michelle, who are disturbed about his criminal past, after the pair spent time driving around the countryside and taking trips to pubs together 

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